Different Types of Vapes You Should Know About


This century is the modern century, and the world is full of technologies. If we talk about the vaping industry, we can see progress. You can find different types of vapes, and in those vapes, disposable vapes like Elux legend 3500 and reusable vapes are included. According to a study, you can use vapes to quit smoking because vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

You can now find the vapes with the newest features like the Airflow system, RGB Lights, Dual battery function, comfortable mouthpiece, and comfortable handy vapes. By using these vapes, you can get a good vaping experience and enjoy your long sessions of vaping.

If you are a new vaper, you should use disposable vapes because you can use them, and after using them, you can discard those vapes. You can find reusable vapes in the market as well and there are many benefits of reusable vapes. You can recharge them and choose your favourite e-liquid.

Dual Battery:

Some vapes have dual battery functions in them. If you have two batteries in your vape and one external charge, you don’t need to worry about the vape charging. In a dual battery system, only one battery will be functional at one time, and the other battery will be in storage. You can’t find this function in disposable vapes, but some reusable vapes have this system.

Comfortable Mouthpiece:

The mouthpiece is a very essential element in the vapes. Advanced vapes have comfortable mouthpieces. If you are a new vaper, you can use a disposable vape Elf bar lost mary, and you need to choose a vape with a good mouthpiece. If your mouthpiece is good, you will enjoy it more. 

RGB Lights:

Some modern vapes have RGB lights in them. Those lights blink when you start sucking from the mouthpiece. When you use the vapes with the RGB lights, you will look cooler. These types of vapes are fancier, and they look more decent and modern. So if you want to look cool, you should buy a vape with RGB lights.

Airflow System:

The airflow system is fundamental in vapes. The job of airflow is very simple; airflow allows air to move from coils to the mouth freely. Most modern vape devices have an adjustable ring on the tank that allows you to change your airflow according to your capacity. You can keep airflow high or low according to your capacity. Disposable vapes don’t have this airflow system.

The Refillable Vape Tanks:

In some reusable vapes, you can refill your favourite e-liquid to enjoy the vaping session. You can find this refillable facility in some vapes. You can’t refill the disposable vapes like Elf bar 1500. If you are using reusable vapes, you can fill your vape with your favourite e-liquid flavour. So, Some vapes are refillable, and you can enjoy using them.

Nowadays dual tank vapes are rocking in the vape industry. These tanks are basically separated from eachother so you can have e-liquids of two different types at the same time. You can go for two different e-juice flavours and different nicotine strengths to make your vaping experience more exciting.


 In this modern era, people are dependent on technology. The vape industry is progressing. You can buy a single vape with a dual battery, and you can use that vape for extended vaping sessions.

There are refillable vapes also available, and you can fill a flavour of your in those refillable vapes. The vapes are also available with the airflow system, and you can enjoy vaping by using this facility. The latest disposable vapes with comfortable mouthpieces and RGB lights look more decent and modern.     


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