Different Kinds of Motorcar Tyres You Can Find


The car owners need to have knowledge about the tyres before trying to buy them. The motorcar tyre market is big, plus many buyers will not be aware of the different brands, models, and sizes offered in the market. Motorcar Tyres is important to obtain tyres that promote the best combination of safety, performance, plus power. Therefore in today’s blog, you will know the different kinds of motor car tyres as well as understand which type will be the best for an automobile.

Different Types of Tyres Tadley 

Tyres are particularly distinguishable on two essential factors: the type of rubber compound as well as the tread pattern. These features will decide the overall environment in which the motor car tyre will promote the best performance. The different types of motor car tyre options available in the store are:

All-season motor car tyres: 

As per their name, all-season motor car tyres facilitate reliable all-season/ year traction. They often have asymmetrical tread designs, plus they are even ideal for obtaining reliable wet weather grip due to the circumferential grooves.

Summer motorcar tyres: 

Summer motorcar tyres come with a dedicated rubber blend that performs well on wet as well as dry roads. These Tyres Basingstoke are not ideal for all-season driving. Moreover, they protect from warm weather and deliver excellent grip and great handling when driving on wet or dry roads. Also, they provide satisfactory circumferential grooves to resist hydroplaning as well as often come with solid patches.

Winter motor car tyres: 

These motorcar tyres provide the best drive on harsh winter roads. Also, they come with heavy siping as well as a deep circumferential groove design that removes extra snow or slush present on the road. Moreover, winter tyres can be easily obtained in the studded or non-studded form. A studded tyre comes with small metal studs, also called pins, that help obtain a good grip on any icy roads. 

Non-studded winter tyres will not have the studs on the tread. Furthermore, a studded tyre is perfect when the motorcar owner has to manoeuvre in the most brutal winter weather conditions. On the other hand, non-studded tyres will work well when driving on normal snow-covered roads.

Touring motor car tyres: 

Touring motor car tyres, also called Grand touring tyres, come with an asymmetrical tread design. They also provide a higher speed grade than the normal all-season touring motor car tyres. Moreover, touring motor car tyres promote responsiveness to control as well as the best all-season traction.

Performance motor car tyres: 

Performance motor car tyres come with a fairly dense tread pattern plus include silica tread materials. Moreover, they come with larger circumferential as well as lateral grooves, which promotes better traction no matter the weather. Also, these tyres have a much better speed ranking when compared with touring tyres.

Highway motor car tyres: 

Highway motor car tyres help motorcar owners control heavier loads of truck as well as SUV. Moreover, the all-season tread design and durable compounds help deliver an amazing tread. Also, they generally come with a siping feature to offer enhanced all-season drive.

All-terrain motor car tyres: 

A/T, as well as all-terrain tyres, provide a much more aggressive tread design when compared to the trail as well as highway tyres. Moreover, they come with bigger tread blocks to help obtain the best traction when driving in off-road conditions. Also, all-terrain tyres are being utilised by maximum car owners because of their aggressive design. They even offer noise plus promote a comfortable drive. These motorcar tyres are perfect for driving on sand, light mud, and dry terrain.

Mud-terrain motor car tyres: 

These tyres often include much larger tread blocks along with more voids. Also known as M/T, the mud-terrain tyres will appear extremely bold and similar to all-terrain tyres. But, the main difference is that these motorcar tyres are less comfortable when driving on roads, plus they are even nosier.

Run-flat motor car tyres: 

These tyres are a new invention in the field of automotive enterprise. The RFTs help motorcar owners during a sudden drop in tyre air pressure or during a puncture. Moreover, these tyres will stay working and help the car owner reach the nearest garage as well as home. They can be also driven up to 80 kilometres at speeds of up to 50 miles during a puncture. However, run-flat tyres are not repairable, and the car owners will have to obtain new ones if they get significant damage.

Reach out to a Tyre Fitting Tadley centre today to obtain the perfect motorcar tyres for the wheels. 

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