David Martin on Terra Group’s Larger Presence in the Magic City


Terra Group Miami: How David Martin’s Firm Has Helped Communities All Over the City 

David Martin is the head of Terra Group, a real estate development firm with an $8 billion portfolio. However, the portfolio is really a means to a much bigger end. It was built on a combination of hard work, ingenuity, and a love for the people who have made Miami so unique. As a small token of the staff’s gratitude, they want to do right by the many who have supported them through their early years and beyond. 

Much like his father, founder Pedro Martin, David has made it a goal to do everything he can for his city. The decisions made at the company are born from a commitment to Southern Florida, and a sincere desire to improve the landscape while offering neighbors a better quality of life. He examines his bigger philosophy and why it’s so important for him to treat all of his neighbors with respect. 

One of the most recognizable ways in which Terra Group makes itself known in Miami is through its unique developments. Properties like GLASS and the Grove at Grand Bay stand out against the skyline and demand people’s attention. Terra Group Miami’s portfolio might be valuable, but its projects have also raised the value of nearby properties too.

When people care about an area, when they put the time and effort into maintaining everything from its facades to its sidewalks, the reality is that it has an effect on all those around it. Visitors and residents alike notice and appreciate the variations between blocks, which makes the city more appealing to all. David Martin believes that the details are too important to skimp on. He’s known for devising spaces from scratch that both capitalize and add to the natural beauty in Miami. From sandy shores to swaying palm trees, David Martin has given people even more reason to treasure a truly diverse and remarkable corner of the country. 

Another priority of Terra Group is its commitment to the environment, a priority that affects both the immediate and surrounding areas of any development project. David Martin doesn’t just consider what kind of machinery is used or what type of sustainability policies are implemented on site either. He looks at where materials are sourced from, who made the materials, how the construction crews are treated, and what kind of reputation his subcontractors and partners have.

For instance, if a crew is urged to remain on schedule no matter what, this can easily come at a cost to the air and water quality of the area. If the materials for a property’s kitchen are coming from halfway around the world, this can waste energy that pollutes every region from one destination to the next. Both Pedro and David Martin have long understood that seemingly small choices can have lasting consequences for more than just Southern Florida. 

Last but certainly not least, Terra Group is known for being involved in a number of organizations around Miami. Charitable, civic, and academic institutions are given support in numerous ways, including sponsorships, volunteering, funding, and board memberships. The goal of David Martin is not to impose his will on Miami but to work with leaders and staff to understand how these groups can best serve different populations.

For instance, the Big Brothers Big Sisters nonprofit is a national organization but, to be successful, there needs to be local volunteers who are willing to work with children and meet them where they are. The Terra Group understands how influential a mentor can be for a young person, which is why the staff at Terra work alongside the group to ensure they have the resources to match children up with the right adults. The ripple effects of these kinds of positive interactions can never truly be measured, but there’s no doubt that it affects the city as a whole. Better societies begin and end with showing every generation what it means to strive for something better. 

David Martin also supports a wide range of interests, including the United Way, Camillus House, MS Society, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Doral High School, and the Miami Beach Chamber. These are just a few efforts that are leaving a greater mark on the artists, students, musicians, botanists, and patients of the Magic City. At any given moment, there are people all over Southern Florida who can benefit from what these organizations have to offer. While they can survive without the help of Terra Group, having the development firm to back up their programs and projects is a sign of faith and partnership in a city that can’t survive without collaboration. 

David Martin on Doing His Part 

David Martin Miami was shown at a young age what it meant to give back to the people around him. It started at home with a father who showed him what it was to leverage his talents for the greater good. Once he graduated from college and chose real estate as his profession, he knew that whatever company he was part of, he wanted it to be one that was more than profits. 

Philanthropy can be viewed through any number of lenses, depending on who you are and where you come from. However, there’s one core value that neither Martin has ignored in either their personal or professional lives. Miami isn’t just a beautiful part of the world, it’s their home. This is the place where they chat with their neighbors and build lasting bonds with family. The culture is warm and welcoming not because people are forced to do so, but because people genuinely believe in the potential behind every home, every property, every person. The Martins are proud to play a role that helps protect people on a larger scale. As David Martin looks toward the future, he’ll continue to stay the course at Terra. 


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