Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram? Here’s How to Fix it!!


coudn’t refresh feed on instagram is one of the most used platforms and users need daily updates or feed to know what’s going on, on this platform.

It is operated by social media influencers, entrepreneurs, sellers, buyers, entertainers, and so on.

Sometimes users can face the issue of why won’t my Instagram refresh, coudn’t refresh feed on instagram can be because of many possible reasons. Some of those reasons are discussed below:

Reasons & Solutions for the common issue faced by the users: Instagram couldn’t refresh feed ban

1. Check the Internet Connection on the device:

The poor internet connection can be most of the common reasons for the occurrence of the issue my instagram wont refresh, to fix this issue, users must check their cellular data connection or wifi connection on the device, they are operating Instagram.

>Users can also try turning on and off the internet connection or rebooting the device on which the user is operating an Instagram account.

>Users can also try turning on and off the Aeroplane mode, as this technique can also work sometimes to fix the issue of why won’t my Instagram refresh.

Finally, to verify, go to the speed test and check the speed of the internet connection.

2. Log Out & Log in Again

To fix the problem of why my won’t my Instagram refresh, users can also try the method of logging out of Instagram and trying to log in again.

  • Users need to open the Instagram app
  • From the profile tab, select settings and go to the log-out option at the bottom
  • Sign out by clicking on that and open the login page to enter details again
  • Click on the login option and try to refresh the latest feed.

3. Clear the Instagram Cache & Cookies

Sometimes clearing the Instagram cache & cookies can turn out to be an effective method to fix this issue of Instagram won’t refreshing, the steps to do so are given below:

  • Go to Apps Settings and look for the clear cache & cookies button and click it. 
  • Once done, users would need to log in again and unsafe files would be erased.

4. Your Actions’ Could be Blocked on Instagram 

The issue of instagram couldn’t refresh feed ban, can occur when certain activities of users on Instagram are banned or restricted, due to users’ unethical activities. 

Or when users use a third-party app or bot to avail of the services on their Instagram Account.

In this case, users might not be able to post or comment or refresh the page. This is called the situation when users’ actions are blocked on Instagram.

Users can seek help from Instagram Customer Care Support:

When the issues related to the above do not work to solve issues Instagram won’t refresh, then users can either file an online complaint or seek help from the help desk.

Reasonable solutions steps to fix the issue would be mailed to the users at their registered email addresses. 

For this process, users would have to use the Instagram web browser version, filing complaints won’t work on the Instagram app.

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