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How to Convert OLM to PST Manually? An Informative Solution


This article will be very informative to Convert OLM to PST manually. We will discuss OLM to PST migration process and will find out the best and most professional way to Convert OLM to PST manually without any risk. With the help of this OLM to PST migration users can convert a Mac Outlook user’s email files from their default OLM to the default PST format of Windows Outlook. As we know most people use either Windows or Mac, and we are going to learn the most common mode to Convert OLM to PST manually and professional software OLM Converter . There are a lot of ways to export OLM to PST, in this article we will discuss one of the best methods of conversion. 

Reasons to Convert OLM to PST Manually

Windows Outlook does not support OLM because of different file formats. If you want to open Mac files in Outlook for Windows then you need to convert OLM files to PST. And for that we will discuss various reasons for OLM to PST migration given below.

  1. In case users want to shift to a new organization.
  2. In case of changing or upgrading a new computer.
  3. If you are using more than one computer at that time.
  4. In case of  unexpected data loss.
  5. Incase of virus attacks and ransomware attacks.

In the above discussion we have gone through the reasons to Convert OLM to PST manually  due to protecting the account from unwanted threats and  users wanting to change organization and changing and upgrading new computers. Now we will move forward to the methods. 

Perform Manual Techniques to Migrate OLM to PST

There are some easy ways to convert OLM to PST manually. This manual method is divided into four parts. Follow every method in a proper way, discussed in the below.

Generate IMAP email account

  1. Go to the Gmail account, then press on the Gear icon on the right side of your Gmail account.  
  2. Navigate to the setting button and on the setting tab, hit on the POP/IMAP tab.
  3. Go through the IMAP status and select the IMAP enable option and hit the save changes button.

Configure Mac Outlook Using IMAP Account

  1. Open Mac Outlook and press on Menu>Tool>Account.
  2. Choose Email and put your email id, password and other required details and click on add account.
  3. After completion of this process check your IMAP mail account.

 Export Outlook for Mac emails to IMAP Account

  1. First Open Mac Outlook now choose the file you want to transfer to Outlook for Windows. 
  2. Select move to copy the folder
  3. Enter the name of the IMAP folder and press on copy.
  4. Update the IMAP folder by hitting the Send/Receive Button.
  5. Now all OLM emails will be available in IMAP account. 

Now go to Setup Windows Outlook Using the Same IMAP Account.

  1. Create the same Gmail IMAP account that you made on your Windows Outlook client.
  2. You have to move the emails from the IMAP account to your Windows Outlook Inbox Folder by dragging and dropping.

Drawback of Performing Manual Techniques 

  • This method is very complicated and dependent on various factors such as internet speed and  server reliability of the IMAP email client. 
  • If a user wants to operate the manual process it requires a sound knowledge of both the email clients and also working knowledge of the IMAP and account.
  • During the conversion process the user uses the wrong process, it may lead to data loss.

Professional and Reliable Method to Convert OLM to PST Manually.

In the above article we discussed manual ways of OLM to PST Migration. As we know about the manual method that is very complicated and dependent on internet speed and server reliability. Users need technical knowledge to use this method.  We must follow a Professional and Reliable Method to Convert OLM to PST manually. It comes with the latest and advanced technology that secure the data during migration. Users do not require technical knowledge to use this method. 

Some Advantages of Using Professional and Automated Procedure. 

  1. With the help of this method users can convert OLM to Outlook PST File in a Few Clicks.
  2. Using this way of migration you can migrate OLM Data with all Attributes like Inbox, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks etc. 
  3. With professional methods users get a quick preview of all emails before Conversion.
  4. You will not face any file size limitations for migration.
  5. This professional and automated way is compatible with All-MAC Outlook and Windows Version.


In this post, we discussed How to convert OLM to PST  manually. We have understood both manual as well as professional methods. Even manual methods have some limitations to use and also require technical knowledge. Users must use automated and professional methods to convert OLM to PST manually. It is time consuming and does not require technical knowledge. Novice users can use it without further assistance.


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