How Do You Control Ticks And Mosquitoes?


Ticks and mosquitoes are major household pests that need to be dealt with once their presence is noticed. Aside from the fact that they are highly prolific, they also carry deadly diseases like malaria, zika virus, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Borrelia Miyamoto, etc. As such, you must do everything possible to stop their spread. One of the easiest ways to do this is to call on professionals like;Control Ticks And Mosquitoes Authority – pest control services for help. They have the tools and expertise needed to deal with these insects. 

Suppose you can’t wait for professionals to handle things and you want to go the DIY route; we have listed some common ways you can control ticks and mosquitoes below. 

Ways to Control Ticks

Clear Debris

One of the easiest ways to keep ticks from infesting your property is to eliminate piles of leaf litter and yard debris. Ticks thrive in damp, dark areas, so clearing out these items is important. Moreover, you can make the process of clearing up tick-infested areas more effective by regularly washing your pet’s bedding and removing tick-infested items. If you’re worried about ticks, you can also use insecticides, but make sure to hire a licensed pesticide applicator.

Use Chickens

Another popular tick-control method is chickens. Almost any breed of chicken will work. Other options include guinea hens, which are non-mammal birds. These birds are very good at eating ticks, and their diets are rich in vitamins A and B. A combination of these methods will keep ticks under control. If you’re not sure which type of chicken is right for you, try a mix of both.

Apply Chemical Acaricide

Ticks can spread disease organisms to livestock and humans. To stop the transmission of diseases, you must kill ticks before they can feed. To do this, you need a chemical acaricide. A good acaricide should be highly effective in killing ticks without harming the host. 

Use of Herbs

Herbs are another effective tick-control method. A combination of three to six drops of peppermint, lavender, and bay leaves is effective in repelling Control Ticks And Mosquitoes. You should also apply alcohol rubbing to the area where the tick bit you. Always remember to remove ticks after applying an herbal remedy or topical cream to prevent bacterial transmission. It is crucial to remember that the longer a tick stays attached, the higher the risk of disease transmission.

Bugs Spray and Repellents

Using bug sprays, insect repellents, and wearing protective clothing are other effective ways of controlling tick populations. Ticks’ larvae and nymphs are extremely small, about the size of a poppy seed. So hand picking them is not an effective control option. By applying sprays, you can easily deal with the insect’s most vulnerable life stage. 

A common visual sign of a tick infestation is an infected area. Unfortunately, most people don’t know they have a tick problem until they find one. To avoid this, you should check for tick infestation regularly. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent the spread of ticks and further damage. If you suspect you have a tick infestation, you should consult a licensed pest control specialist for the most effective control method.

Ways to Control Mosquitoes 

Remove Breeding Grounds

You can eliminate mosquito breeding areas by removing any standing water around. This is because mosquitoes need standing water for them to lay their eggs. So you should check your yard for any standing water and remove it. It would be best if you kept in mind that mosquitoes need little standing water (soda bottle caps) to lay their eggs. So it would be best if you were thorough when searching for this standing water. Even the smallest puddles need to be drained. 

Mow Your Lawn

Since Mosquitoes are mostly functional during nighttime, they rest during the day, usually on nearby vegetation (tall grasses). So if you have any form of vegetation around you, make sure you don’t allow it to be overgrown. It would be best if you trimmed it constantly.  

Get yourself a Fan

Mosquitoes aren’t excellent flyers. As a matter of fact, these insects can’t control their movement when faced with any strong breeze. As such, they tend to avoid any area with a strong breeze. So by putting a fan on your patio or porch, you can keep them away! 

Clean Your Gutters

Unknown to many, the roof gutters are one of the key breeding spots for mosquitoes. Since you can’t see the inside of your gutters from the ground, it is pretty easy to overlook them. 

Unfortunately, this area is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes.

To keep mosquitoes away from your home, you need to check your gutters regularly and have them cleaned out. 

Although all these methods mentioned above are great ways to control mosquito infestation, they can’t be substituted for hiring pest control services.


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