Competitor Analysis for Your Brand Worth on social media


On social media in Dubai, there are so many alike businesses and companies that are working to achieve similar goals. The best way to keep an eye on your competitor’s activity on social media is through competitor analysis. The social media marketing consultant can have a look at the competitor’s strategies and make a better plan for your business marketing on social media. This competitor analysis can help you to find out the weaknesses and strengths of your rivals. There are different tools and techniques by which you can find useful information about an opponent’s social media posts and activities and can learn:

  • How do they make their social media content?
  • How do they engage their maximum traffic on social media?
  • The number of visitors to each post
  • The formulas and techniques they use for making effective content
  • The types and formats of their social media posts
  • How does the visitor engage their post whether through comments, or sharing?
  • Type of cations the competitors add to their post

What are the objectives of social media competitor analysis?

This analytical approach can help brands and businesses to find new ways to compete with their rivals and understand their strengths. You can develop social media insights for your audiences by evaluating their social media strategies. The analysis and critique can help you to understand the social media metric performance and effectiveness. Through competitor analysis, the social media marketing consultant can get answers to the major questions regarding social media running and management.
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  • Are your efforts enough for social media marketing?
  • Do you have a better social media grip as compared to the competitors?
  • Are the social media outcomes satisfactory?
  • Do you recognize and engage your social media audiences properly?
  • What are the further steps and strategies you need to adopt?

Social media tools for competitive analysis

There are so many dedicated social media analytical tools that are helpful to find competitor analysis data. These can bring opportunities for your social media Dubai to keep your performance high by adopting new rending technologies and trends.

For instance, “Social insider” is a competitive analytical tool on social media to let you know what quick measures you need to take for getting more takeaways without losing your audiences.

How to make the report of competitive analysis for social media?

There are different ways to report the competitor analysis using online templates or manually. Through these analytical processes, you will definitely learn the requirements or important elements and you will find how long it takes to complete the reporting. You can use the following metrics to perform an audit of competitor analysis.

  • Metrics related to the visitors on social media channels.
  • Content posts on social media.
  • Metrics about the number of visitors engaged.
  • Statistics of paid media content or ads.
  • Analysis of Hashtags they use.


In order to keep your social media presence uplifted, you need to take different audits of your social media Dubai that will make sure how your marketing on these platforms is running. The social media marketing consultant is the one who assists you to keep your brand on the top by analyzing the social media strategies and trends among your competitors.
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This is the biggest challenge to making your presence worthy in the digital marketing platforms.


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