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These days we see kids glued to the television screens or tablets. They are so much involved that they forget about the rest of the things. The parents too these days have such busy schedules that they are not able to spend time with their little ones or could take them out. The kids find the best alternative in the tablets and video games.

But these tablets are not an ideal solution. Rather kids should be engaged in some other activities; activities that could result in the development of children or they could learn out of it.

Colouring is something which is loved by all the little ones.  This is everyone’s favourite pastime and one can never get bored from this. It is always an ideal option to buy some colouring books for your child. They will have hours of fun without even getting bored.

Colouring is not only a good pastime but it has several benefits too. Some of them are listed here:

  • Develops fine motor skills

Fine motor skills involve the grip of fingers, holding things with hands. The colouring allows the little ones to hold pencil and colours. Colouring leads to development of muscles in little one’s fingers. This helps little ones to perform well.

  • Colour recognition

Colouring helps little ones to recognise colours. They get awareness about different colours as they get to mix colours and explore different colour combinations.

  • Promotes creativity

Choosing the colour that you wish for is something that children definitely love. One can be as creative while colouring their favourite drawing. It gives them the opportunity to express their creativity. Parents should not restrict little ones. They should be given full freedom to pick any of the colours and start to colour irrespective of if they colour outside the lines. Set them free and let the creative side come in.

  • Boosts confidence

Colouring boosts confidence in the little ones. When they get to colour a whole drawing on their own without being told anything. When they are set free to the colour of their own wish. This boosts confidence in the little ones.

  • Sense of accomplishment

Have you ever seen the happiness on your little one’s face the moment they complete colouring in their favourite drawing? That’s the sense of accomplishment. The satisfaction on their face when they are done colouring. They feel so happy and want to show their artwork to everyone around them. These are little things that make kids happy.

  • Builds concentration and focus

Colouring is an activity that requires concentration and focus. Children need to concentrate while filling colours. They should make sure that they colour within the lines and don’t go beyond the lines. Focus should be there. They should be aware of the basic things that trees need to be in green colour, sky has to be blue or the mountains should be in brown colour. They can’t go wrong with this. So , colouring allows the kids to concentrate and focus.

There are plenty of other benefits too that are attached to colouring. Parents could get these colouring books for kids from a variety of places. Either they could get these books online or from the stores.

Pegasus is a children’s book publisher that publishes a large variety of books for the little ones for the age group 0-12 years. Their collection includes activity books for kids, colouring books for kids, workbooks, early learning books for kids and puzzles. Pegasus has their products available online as well as in the stores too. They have their own pop stores too at different locations. Our products are loved by everyone. Pegasus is one of the famous kids bookstores in India.

Even some of the schools have started to include our collection in their curriculum as the teachers and parents seem to be very much interested in all these. Apart from their regular school curriculum books, kids are getting to do some fun and interesting activities and kids are totally loving them. The ones who are interested in having our products, can contact us and we would be happy to help you with the best.

When looking at the colouring books. Pegasus has a wide range of colouring books available for different age groups. We have curated a list for you to explore their colouring books:

  1. Super Jumbo Colouring Books

The Super Jumbo Colouring Books are ideal for kids aged 3+ years. These books allow the kids to colour in a super fun way! These super big books – give ample space for children to colour and gain confidence in colouring. Each book is based on different themes.The books allow children to pick their favourite colours and begin colouring. Little ones are able to showcase their creativity and talent. It develops their love for colouring and benefits them physically as well as mentally.

The Copy Colour books are ideal for kids aged 2+ years. There are 12 different books for the kids to choose from. Each book is based on a different theme. The special feature of these books is that kids get to see the reference image of the drawings and they get to know what colours are to be done. All they have to do is just copy and colour. This allows toddlers to recognise colours.

My Very First Colouring Books allow the toddlers to colour their favourite colour. The books are based on the basic themes such as alphabets, animals and birds, first words, numbers , shapes and sizes. The books are ideal to prepare the toddlers for school.

These colouring books are designed with a concept that kids get to colour one page on each day of the year. The kids couldn’t get bored from this book. The book contains beautiful illustrations. The books are ideal for kids aged 3+ years.

This Mini Colouring Pad series lets you colour on the go so you can relax and recharge wherever and whenever you like. Each book contains 64 pages and the best part is that pages are tearable. Colour each page to your heart’s content, decorate it and hang them up for everyone to see.

Not only these but there are plenty of other colouring books for kids that are available in Pegasus. These books could also be bought as return gifts for kids.


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