CNP Laboratory is Best Dermatology Brand For All Skin Types


Cha and Park Laboratory is undoubtedly one of the most popular Korean skincare brands to have existed to date. But have you ever wondered why the brand has “laboratory” in its name? Well, the answer is simple: the company offers products that serve to be dermatology in a bottle. 

CNP came to life in a leading skin clinic in Korea. Over the years, CNP Laboratory has developed products based on their own dermatology practice and research findings which is the reason why the brand offers results that no other competitor has been able to achieve to date.

While there is a range of products from the brand that you can try based on your needs; we decided to shed light on its ampules that over, and over prove why CNP Laboratory is the best for every skin type.

CNP Laboratory Ampule

Let’s start off with the ampules that are so popular in Korea that people sell in bulk at the Korean Costcos! 

If you haven’t used the brands’ Ampules yet, then they are supercharged serums that have a high concentration of active ingredients to boost the skin. Medically, the ampules are more powerful than serums as these are often used as a quick fix for skin problems or one can also incorporate them into their daily skincare routine.


All in all, the CNP ampules strengthen, nourish, and soothe your skin like there is no tomorrow. While it is pretty much obvious that you shouldn’t expect results right on the first attempt, however, being consistent with them for some time will definitely bring in a massive difference. 

Here are some of the best Ampules that you must try

  • Propolis Energy Ampule (dry/dull-looking skin) 

Based on the Propolis extract produced by the honey bees, this ampule is known for its antioxidant benefits. It nourishes and enhances your skin’s vitality while making your skin look firm with a glow. It also consists of hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to calm and moisturize sensitive skin. 

  • Green Propolis Antioxidant Ampule (thin/weak elasticity skin) 

Experts extract Propolis from Brazilian Green Bee and consider it world’s most effective antioxidant that intensively revitalizes and strengthens the skin. Green Bee Propolis also prevents aging and brightens your skin.

  • Mugener Ampule (for sensitive skin)

Composed of snail mucus extract, this ampule relieves redness, blemishes, and irritated skin. The mucus aids in soothing sensitive skin by increasing the skin regeneration rate and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier against the external environment. It also enhances skin hydration boosting skin elasticity. 

How to Use:

Experts recommend to use the ampules after toner. All you have to do is gently massage 4-5 droplets onto your face because a little goes a long way. 

During the dry winter season, mix a couple of droplets of ampule with your foundation to keep the skin extra moist. 


Overall, CNP Laboratory’s ampoule strengthens, nourishes, and hydrates the skin along with a  glowing, firm, and transparent look. Applying it feels strengthening the foundation of the skin layer with the creation of the first line of defense to help prevent breakouts and other skin troubles. 

Buy ampules according to your skin types right away from Sensoo Skin.


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