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The board exam of CBSE class 12 is one of the most challenging exams as per the children going to school. Especially when it comes to subjects such as Mathematics, things got tougher for the students. Students need to go through the basic concept of the chapter and then the formulas and finally lots of questions waiting to be solved. A student can fulfil all these demands only if he/she has worked hard and learned with dedication. But one more factor hides over here and that is good guidance. So what are the sources for this good guidance? The main source of good guidance in the present time is class 12 maths online coaching.

Yes, the class 12 maths online coaching is the more feasible source for the students to score higher. Online classes have numerous benefits that none offline classes can offer you. So, this is why we suggest the students Join Class 12 Maths Online Classes. But before that, we will discuss all the benefits of online classes and the best class 12 maths online coaching in this article.

Class 12 Mathematics Curriculum

First of all, let us go through the curriculum of both the terms that students will be covering in class 12 maths.

I.Relations and Functions08
V.Linear Programming05
 Total Theory40
 Internal Assessment10
 Grand Total50

Term 1 Exam pattern for class 12 Maths

IV.Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry14
 Total Theory40
 Internal Assessment10
 Grand Total50

Term 2 Exam Pattern for class 12 Maths

Benefits of Class 12 Maths Online Coaching

The class 12 maths online coaching is one of the most opted modes for learning for the students. Uncertainty of school reopening amid the pandemic makes it a more reliable and feasible source of learning. You always get the video lectures on time without any sudden closure. Also, you can ask doubts anytime on the platform without waiting for schools and physical coaching to reopen. So let us first mention some very beneficial points regarding the online classes then we will move towards the best class 12 maths online coaching.

Learn from your Home:

The very first benefit that anyone can avail of through the online classes is that you can attend it from anywhere which means also from your home. This allows you to attend classes from home so you do not have to worry about travelling and wasting your time on that. Also, you do not have to fear missing any classes since anytime you can open the lectures and learn them.

Practice from best study material:

On the online learning platform, you will also find the best study materials along with study materials from the online classes. This makes it more reliable for you since you do not have to check numerous websites or shops for study materials. You can also get the practise papers and mock tests to solve online.

Timely course completion:

Since the online classes are regular and in the recorded form, if you go through the strict schedule you will definitely complete the syllabus on time. Because here you do not have to wait for the teachers or institutes to complete the syllabus.

Proper doubt solving sessions:

Online coaching classes also offer the students proper doubt-solving sessions to clear their doubts. Additionally, they provide a 24×7 doubt-solving platform where the student can post or update their doubt so someone can solve and revert them back.


The best thing about online classes is that it is much cheaper than the other offline classes. You can directly cut off 80 to 90% fees by attending the online classes. Also, there are many online classes that are totally free. One of such best examples that provides free classes to the class 12and 11 students is Vidya Setu along with quality lectures and materials.

Vidya Setu Learning- best class 12 maths online coaching

As mentioned above, Vidya Setu is the best online learning platform for class 12 students. They can avail the best quality video lectures from expert teachers, mock tests online, study materials, NCERT books and solutions, Chapterwise notes, and many more facilities in a single platform. For the students of class 12 maths, there are numerous benefits that they should avail themselves of from Vidya Setu. A few are mentioned below,

  • A complete course for the class 12 maths students with proper explanation
  • Frequent doubt solving classes.
  • Live and recorded lectures that students can avail themselves of from anywhere and at any time.
  • Free of cost lectures and study materials.
  • Chapterwise pdf of the NCERT books and solutions.
  • Notes for each chapter and the online mock tests, etc.

Along with these benefits, the major features of Vidya Setu classes make it the ultimate place to study. The major features include,

  • Expert Faculties for each subject.
  • High-quality video lectures.
  • Doubt Solving Facility.
  • Online Mock test for better practice
  • Quality Study Materials & Books PDF.

Reviews and ratings

Vidya Setu has received thousands of best reviews and ratings that state that Vidya Setu was the most reliable source to get high scores in the exams. Currently, there are around more than three thousand students who have enrolled in Vidya Setu and are learning from here. Vidya Setu also stands at the 100% satisfaction rate from the side of students. The dedicated teachers over here and the best facilities are the reason behind these high reviews and rates.


Therefore, Vidya Setu is the leading online coaching class for the students of classes 11 and 12. If you are currently preparing for the class 12 maths exam, then this will be the best platform for you. It is an all-in-one platform where you can clear all your doubts and practice as many questions as you want. It is the place where you will get quality video lectures with proper explanations and also all your NCERT books and their solutions. So, in many various ways, Vidya Setu is the best class 12 maths online coaching.


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