Cat Crate Training Tips


Traveling with your cat can be stressful at times especially when she is not properly trained to use a crate. Starting crate training when young is easier because kittens learn more easily and quickly than adult cats. Once she is comfortable staying in a crate, traveling with your kitty will be a piece of cake.

When you start training, it is important to make your cat
comfortable and relaxed inside the crate.
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A positive approach is the best reinforcement in doing so, you can start by placing the create near the area where she loves to spend time. You can put some bedding and her favorite toys to encourage her to go inside.

At first, your cat may get restless and uneasy staying inside the crate but helping her get accustomed to it by bringing her with you during short trips while she is inside her cage can be helpful. As she gets more exposure to using a crate, she will get more comfortable ins using one.

Persistent litter box issues should warrant an appointment with your animal hospital Cherry Hill, NJ to make sure that your pet’s behavior is not caused by an underlying health issue.


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