Body Repair With Physiotherapy Exercises 


Sprains, torticollis, but also rheumatism can be treated using physiotherapy. By using massages and gymnastic movements, the physiotherapist manages to re-educate the body to make it functional again. How does he proceed?

Physiotherapy mullingar iis a paramedical profession with a very wide field of activity. It is used following a trauma (fracture, sprain, tendonitis), following a stroke or surgery. Its objective is to repair the patient’s body using different exercises for rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, mobility and endurance. 

François Chevet masters all these techniques. The physiotherapist has worked in one of the best rehabilitation centers in Europe, where he has worked with severely injured central nervous system patients: paraplegics, quadriplegics, hemiplegics, head trauma and Parkinson’s disease. 

Rehabilitation is at a pivotal time . It intervenes just after the trauma , where the patient’s body will never be the same as before. 

The physiotherapist is there to accompany the patient in his new life with his new body. He is there to repair his body, but also to transmit to him the energy to fight and to help him to travel the path necessary for his reconstruction . 

The relationship between the physiotherapist and his patient is the same as between a coach and an athlete . They both have a project to carry out, with a recovery objective to achieve: they are partners . 

Beyond the pathology, the human dimension must also be taken into account. Behind every trauma there is a patient with a life, tastes and personality of their own. 

Post-operative immobilization can be done in different ways, depending on the repaired tendons: elbow-to-body vest or abduction cushion.The abduction cushion will be maintained continuously during the first 3 postoperative weeks then its removal will be authorized for washing and dressing the following 3 weeks. The elbow-to-body vest  can be removed for washing and dressing the day after the operation (without mobilizing the operated arm).

During this phase of immobilization, the objectives will be to limit as much as possible the onset of post-operative stiffness (the most frequent complication), to avoid muscle stupefaction and to fight against pain. To do this, you will perform a simple shoulder self-mobilization exercise at home   until the post-operative immobilization is removed (during the first postoperative surgical consultation). This exercise will be taught to you during your stay at the clinic by our team of specialized physiotherapists or in a specialized physiotherapy office the day after the operation, in the case of outpatient smoky mountain wrestling title belts

Physiotherapy : you ‘ve probably heard of it, but do you really know what it is? It is a health science that aims to restore physical capacity to individuals according to their profile and their needs . The physiotherapist’s approach is therefore suitable for athletes, professionals, young people and seniors, to name a few.

Thus, the clientele of the physiotherapist is very large and diversified. This professional, whose practice is supervised by the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec (OPPQ) , can in particular deal with pain that gradually sets in, but also with accidents or traumatic injuries. In short, both short and long term issues can be addressed.

Physiotherapy is therefore a global approach, which includes in a single approach the muscular, articular and nervous systems .


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