Bob Whitfield Net Worth


Bob Whitfield Net Worth

This article will give you a comprehensive look at Bob Whitfield Net Worth, his career as a football player, and his wealth as a recording studio owner. You will also find out more about his marriages and relationship with Sheree Whitfield. In addition to this, you will learn about Bob Whitfield’s other interests, including his love life and his finances. Listed below are some facts about Bob Whitfield and his net worth.

Bob Whitfield’s career as a football player

Throughout his football career, Bob Whitfield made a lot of plays. He won two first-team All-America awards and was name to the Pac-10’s first team in 1989. Whitfield played every down as a freshman and started 34 games in his three-year career at Stanford University. Bob Whitfield later became a first-round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons and spent fifteen years with the team, before being trader to the New York Giants.

The NFL salary cap is $170 million, and rookies are typically paid between $400 and 600,000 per year. However, some players make more than $50 million annually. Bob Whitfield’s net worth is approximately $12 million. However, his net worth may be higher, depending on his current investments and philanthropic work. In addition to his football career, Whitfield has a successful business career as a recording engineer.

Aside from his successful career as a football player, Bob Whitfield also enjoys a lucrative business career. He owns multiple businesses, including a record label. His wife, Sheree, is an actress, and the couple had two children together. Whitfield has two children with Sheree, who starred in ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ He divorced his wife in 1999.

Bob Whitfield’s net worth as a recording studio owner

When he retired from football, Bob Whitfield began earning his net worth as a recording studio owner. The former football player, now 49 years old, founded PatchWerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Many stars have worked at the studio, earning him a huge net worth. Today, Bob Whitfield is an active businessman with a net worth of $15 million. He also appears on various television and film shows.

Today, Whitfield earns over $3 million through his PatchWerk Recording Studios, which he founded in Atlanta, Georgia. The studio has worker with over 600 gold and platinum albums and has been use by many popular artists. Some of his clients include 50 Cent, Whitney Houston, and Whitney Houston. You can find out more about Bob Whitfield’s net worth as a recording studio owner below.

As a recording studio owner, Bob Whitfield offers mixing and mastering services for musicians. He has produced over 500 gold albums through his PatchWerk Recording Studios, and has worked with singers like Snoop Dogg and Beyonce. He also has investments in movie production. In the past, he has been married to former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield. Their relationship ended after Bob Whitfield stopped playing professional basketball and eventually divorced his former wife.

Bob Whitfield’s relationship with Sheree Whitfield

If you’re wondering about Bob Whitfield’s relationship with Sherei Whitfield, you’re not alone. Many people have questions about Bob Whitfield’s marriage, and a former girlfriend of Sherei’s has been opening up about the abuse she claims to have suffered from her ex-husband. The couple split in 2007, but Sherei reportedly still lives with her former boyfriend and their two children.

The couple divorced in 2007, after seven years of marriage. Sheree publicly celebrated their separation with a party in 2007, which Sherei referred to as a divorce celebration.
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Although Sherei didn’t talk much about the breakup in the early seasons, she went to court to get back the money she was owe from Bob for unpaid child support. Eventually, the couple reconciled, and Sherei’s children are able to live happily ever after.

In season nine, Bob and Sheree attempted to repair their broken relationship by going back to the island of Maui. However, Sherei accused him of being a deadbeat father and lacking accountability. Even though Bob and Sherei are no longer living together, they briefly considered reconciling when she returned to the show as a housewife. However, the relationship became less than amicable when Bob made light of domestic abuse Sherei had suffered during their marriage.

Bob Whitfield’s marriages

Shereé Monique Whitfield is an American socialite and television personality. Sheree was born on January 2, 1970 and has been a cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta since the first season. She has left the show twice, but will return in 2022. Bob Whitfield has had many marriages, including one with former Housewife Sheree Monique. Her first marriage, to actress Sheree Monique, ended in divorce.

Sheree Whitfield, the second wife of Bob Whitfield, gave birth to a daughter named Kairo. The couple married in 2000. Sheree Whitfield is a fashion designer, and she landed a reality tv show role in 2009. Bob and Sheree have two children together, Kairo and Kaleigh. Sheree Whitfield conceived Kairo during their marriage and Bob paid child support. However, Bob Whitfield denied allegations of physical abuse in their marriage.

Bob Whitfield was previously marrieds to Sheree Whitefield. They divorced in 2007, after six years of marriage. The marriage was turbulent. Both spouses accused the other of being greedy, but in the end, Bob and Sheree had two children. Bob Whitefield is currently single. Despite these marriages, Whitfield is still a straight shooter. The divorce from Sheree Whitfield lasted seven years and ended in dissolution.

Sheree Whitfield’s arrest for shoplifting

Sheree Whitfield was arrester for shoplifting in 1993. She is a popular TV personality, fitness enthusiast, and fashion designer. Her husband, Bob Whitfield, has been involve in a couple of controversies in the past. After his arrest for shoplifting, she was banne from all Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Ohio, and has been in a romantic relationship with actor Tyrone Williams. The couple were marrieds in 2000.

Sheree Whitfield’s net worth has been steadily growing since her husband was jailed for 10 years. The two had been dating when she last appeared on the show, but separated in 2013. She was arrested for shoplifting twice, but she has since moved on. She was arrested twice for shoplifting in 1989 and was banned from all Saks stores in Ohio for life.

After their divorce, Sheree returned to the show as a full-time housewife in season nine. Bob and Sheree considered reconciling, but Bob’s alleged infidelity led her to be less than honest about his treatment. After the episode aired, Bob apologized to Sheree for making the abuse seem silly. The two are co-parents of two adult children, and they continue to stay friends.

Bob Whitfield’s house

If you want to see the real Bob Whitfield’s house, you must first understand who he is. Bob Whitfield is a former NFL player who was abusive to his wife, Sheree. Sheree was left without a home and child support. Bob also abused Sheree during their marriage. Nevertheless, he has never been force to pay alimony. Sheree was not able to get a formal education and did not possess a skilled trade. As a result, she lost her home to Bob.

Her alleged crimes began after Kaleigh Whitfield was fire from school. Sheree and Bob will have to confront their son about the DUI charges. Then they will try to keep him on the straight and narrow. They will need to work together to ensure that Kaleigh doesn’t repeat the same mistakes that cost them their home. It’s time to face the facts about this crime and how Sheree and Bob have to deal with it.

Before Sheree and Bob Whitfield get back together, they must first address their differences. While they disagree on most issues, Bob’s behavior is based on his actions. If Sheree is upset with Bob, she can call her ex-husband. Alternatively, she can tell Bob to move closer to her. After all, he is her ex-husband after all. So, if you’re worrieds that Sheree is dumping Bob because of the divorce, don’t be. Sheree and Bob must clarify their intentions about co-parenting and they must move closer to each other.

Sheree Whitfield’s children

While the Net Worth of Bob Whitfield and Sheree’s children is unclear, the couple was married in 2000. They remained together for about seven years before divorcing in 2007. In a public statement, Sheree Whitfield has stated that the divorce was a “huge mistake” and has accused Bob of being greedy. However, despite the messy divorce, Bob has always been a straight shooter.

Sheree Whitfield has built a beautiful Georgia mansion on the property she bought from a developer. It has more than ten thousand square feet of space, and was completed in 2012. While the house is worth a billion dollars, Whitfield owes Sheree $75,000 in child support, despite missing payments for 38 months. The couple’s divorce is still a hot topic in Atlanta and has been a popular television presence.

In addition to the high net worth, Sheree Whitfield is also involved in philanthropy. Sheree Whitfield once ran a successful upscale clothing boutique called Bella Azul, which she closed to focus on her clothing line, She by Sheree. She also works out five days a week and is expected to have a net worth of one million dollars by 2021.


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