Best ways to increase number of followers on social media platforms in 2022


Today people want to be famous by using social media platform. Some people want to become social media influencer and want to promote brands to earn money or profit.
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For this they want to increase the number of followers on social medial platform.

In case you are looking forward for best ways to increase the followers on social platform in 2022 then this article is made just for you. In this article we will provide you best tips to increase number of followers in legitimate ways.

Before diving into the topic we must learn about the social media platform in which we are trying to increase the followers. Some social media platform are image based like Deviant Art, Pinterest, Giphy, while others are micro blogging sites like twitter, Tumblr, etc.

So here are some tips to increase followers in social media and it works with all social media and not just with Twitter, Facebook or linked in.

Be creative and attract target audience

By being creative we mean that you should be research a bit before posting anything on social media. Some titles are very catchy and engage a lot of people. While others do not. Using the correct title can grasp more audience to your social media post. You can be humorous, funny, sarcastic, witty or patriotic to ensure more visits. Decide your audience that you need to target.

Use appropriate hash tags

Some hash tags goes viral just because they sounds easy to remember. That is why using appropriate and trending hash tag with post can make your post visible on trending topics on social media platform. It doesn’t mean that you should simply copy the trending hash tag even if it doesn’t seem similar to your post.

Your social posts should be grammar defect free and 100% unique

Some people simply copy the social post of their competitor and edit it to share it on all social platforms. This will not make you popular and a time will come when people will notice it and you will start losing your followers. Hence your social posts should be grammar defect free and 100% unique.

Use animation, GIFS, small videos, or HD images to get social profile views.

Some social media platform allows the cover image. Using good quality, high resolution and attractive cover page makes your profile look marvelous. People start following you and it helps in building brand reputation in quick span of time. You can also post media files of less size to attract more visitors. Your goal is to make the viewers entertained and engaged and they should stay in your profile for long duration.

Contact freelance social media influencers

Yes there are some people who can help your social media profiles popular by giving you a short intro in their YouTube videos. You can contact those you tubers and seek help from them.

Benefits of increasing followers on social media platform

  • Promote products and brand effectively: – When you have good numbers of followers on social media platform then you can promote your products and services effectively.
  • Target the right audience and get more engagement:-In case you have huge fan following on social media then you can get new engagement from unique visitors online.
  • Become effective influencer on social media:-When you have huge number of followers then you can influence greater number of audience and pitch them to buy new products or register for services.

How to increase social media followers instantly

Free follower increasing website

There are some instant follower increasing websites where you need to register a free account and perform some daily task on the completion of which you get rewarded by free followers.

Free followers increasing application

Yes you heard it right there are some applications which are free on playstrore or app store which gives free Instagram followers. You can register on those application and complete the tasks daily. Once the task it complete then you can easily earn coins that can be redeemed for getting instant followers. The followers are credited to your social profiles within 24 hours.

Conclusion: – There are many benefits of increasing the number of followers on social media platform. You can also develop refer and earn website or develop mobile application for earn by completing tasks. You can also hire Nodejs developers for mobile application development from Technoligent-Best nodejs development company.

Author Biography: Rosalind is a passionate Guest post blogger who writes for Trending topics related to digital marketing, software development, mobile app development and website development technology.


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