Best VPNs: Free or Not, Which Offer?


When it comes to computer hardware, there are two schools: Mac enthusiasts and Windows PC enthusiasts. Today, it is to this last category that this article is devoted. If you use a Windows device to connect to the internet, it is normal to be concerned about the protection of your personal data and your privacy.

By using a VPN for Windows, you can also change the IP address of your device and make websites believe that you are located in Australia when you are in France. You will be able to view a multitude of content. The only condition to take advantage of these advantages is to choose a powerful VPN on Windows, which is unfortunately not the case for everyone. This is why we have made this ranking of the best VPNs on Windows in 2022 and in order to meet everyone’s needs, we have selected three paid offers and three other free alternatives.

If you want to find the most suitable VPN for your Windows medium, the answers to frequently asked questions should help you.

Are VPNs compatible with the Windows operating system?

Yes, the main providers offer a VPN application available on Windows devices. The VPNs we recommend have the particularity of being very easily configured in less than two minutes.

What is the best VPN for Windows?
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The preferred VPN for Windows users is VPN. Thanks to its fast servers, a presence in 94 countries around the world and a very complete application, it is considered the perfect VPN on Windows.

Can a free VPN be installed on Windows?

Yes. We allow you to download vpn gratis. On the other hand, your navigation and your possibilities will be quite limited since the number of servers is limited and the connection speed is not optimal.

Will VPN drain my Windows computer’s battery?

Generally speaking, the more apps and software running, the faster your device will drain. That said, a VPN will not damage your battery, especially if you choose a good quality VPN.

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