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If you are a technology enthusiast investing in getting a tech-rich well-built smartphone like Apple, you might also want to opt for Phone Insurance. We very well know that once Apple Care is over, we are on our own. However, the repair and general service rates for high-end premium Smartphones like Apple come with a very hefty price tag. 

However, most users prolong it or keep it at bay when it comes to iPhone insurance. But you can never be too safe in guarding your phone against such occurrences. Here are some detailed insights about the best insurance for phones like Apple. 

What is the importance of having insurance for phones, and where to find it?

Having insurance for your smartphone is an undeniable need and safeguards you from paying for anything related to your smartphone. Finding the best insurance for phones is one challenging task and needs a lot of pondering over many insurance companies as well as their plans. However, it is not impossible with Bajaj Pocket Insurance by your side. If your Apple Smartphone gets damaged due to any electrical and physical abrasion or fault, the charges to get it repaired are covered in the insurance for phones. 

With insurance for phones, you can easily insure iPhone. They are highly expensive, and thus, their repair can be a literal drain on one’s pocket. Although they are pretty handy and easy to use, they are comparatively expensive, and so is their repairing. Having insurance for your iPhone and similar phones covers your expenses for a broken screen and other damages. 

The available plans to insure iPhone are –

The CPP Mobile Protect plan 

It is an excellent plan and comes with a complimentary mobile device cover. 

1) It includes a Gaana plus subscription for a year. 

2) A Zee5 annual subscription.

3) F-secure antivirus and malware protection included.

4) The maximum coverage can be the value of the device itself. It cannot exceed the original value of the smartphone.

5) Accidental damage to the mobile screen is also taken care of under the plan. If your phone screen gets accidentally damaged, the expenses are covered by the insurance for phones.

6) The insurance can cover any accidental damage if caused, provided the phone was in your possession.

7) Any damage caused to the device due to any fluid is also covered.

8) Maximum claim amount per claim is insured.

This Mobile Protect Plan starts from a premium amount of Rs. 1215 for a year, which is very affordable even for the working-class population. The subscription fee extends to Rs. 32,568, based on the price of your handset. The Insurance Provider bears the replacement cost of the device. 

CPP Fonesafe Lite 

This insurance plan is also a very best selling one, and it includes a complimentary mobile screen cover. 

1) Zee5 annual subscription and all its access.

2) F-secure antivirus and malware protection is included for a year. 

3) Maximum coverage can be availed, which is equal to the value of your mobile phone.

4) Accidental damage to the mobile screen is covered, and you don’t have to pay for the broken screen of your smartphone or your Apple iPhone. 

5) The breakdown cover is the cost of repairing and replacing, which may arise from any electrical and mechanical abrasion or damage to the phone screen. 

6) Maximum claim amount per claim is 50 % of the handset value. 

You can go through the plans and buy the one you find the best to insure iPhone. It would help if you kept in mind that you can claim a maximum of two times a year. Insure iPhone to avail of the innumerable benefits of the insurance plans. The benefits offered by a comprehensive insurance plan are, 

• You would have something to fall back on. It would help if you got your Smartphones immediately repaired to use them again. It requires cash urgently. Having insurance saves you from going through the hassle of arranging money in the hour of need.

• It offers you the subscriptions of many things free of cost in the insurance package like the Gaana plus and the Zee5 access.

• You get the annual subscription to the antivirus program included in the package.

• It makes you get more benefits in less amount of money.

This CPP Fonesafe Lite plan starts from a premium of only Rs. 649 a year, which is super affordable for all classes of people. This premium varies based on the price of your handset.  

How to apply?

You can easily buy insurance plans to insure iPhones through an online process. All you have to do is visit the Bajaj Finserv website and apply for the Pocket Insurance plan. Then you can click on ‘Buy now. Add the details it asks for, including the invoice number. Make the payment to proceed. That’s it. Your iPhone is protected now!


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