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We all want our kids to develop a lifelong love for reading and for that early learning books is required that they should begin reading from an early age. To begin at an early age, parents must acquire proper knowledge of the books as per the age of their little ones. They should know when to start and with which book. early learning books is good to start with high-contrast books as the babies register black and white more than any other colour. These books stimulate their senses. One could look for other books afterward while little ones gradually grow.

All these children’s books could be bought online as well as from their stores available offline. There are benefits of their own. While buying from the store, you need to go there whereas buying books online is much easier. All you need to have is a good internet connection and you could enjoy surfing your favourite book for your little one. There are plenty of options to look at when buying books for kids online. One such option is Pegasus.

Pegasus is a Children’s Book Publisher who is well-known among the little ones. The kids love to have their books as the books are child-friendly, with beautiful illustrations. The covers of the books are made keeping in mind the safety of little ones. Pegasus has a wide range of books, games, and toys. Their products are ideal for the age group 0-12 years. Their products range from early learning books, workbooks for kids, activity books for kids, colouring books for kids, picture and storybooks, puzzles, and flashcards.

They have plenty of books for the little ones and they have their website too which caters to the different needs of the parents. Parents can go through their websites and look at their products. The products are arranged in proper categories. Some of the most bought products online are:

  1. Early Learning Books:

These early learning books are a great way to start your little one’s learning journey. To start with, high-contrast books are the perfect ones. Once the little ones turn 6 months. Cloth books are the next ones as with plush, soft covers and bright illustrations these books can make little ones more enthusiastic about books and reading. Books like animals and things that move help little ones to know about these topics and with die-cut covers. The little ones get fascinated. There are more early learning books in the collection. Padded Early Years Board Books are also one of the most popular early learning books. These books introduce basic concepts to preschoolers. They get to learn about animals, first words, numbers, colours, and shapes.

  • Workbooks:

Workbooks are always helpful for the little learners. These workbooks cover various subjects Science, Maths, English, Art & Craft. The kids get to have plenty of workbooks to choose from. Be it My Ultimate Practice Workbook is a series of four books focussing on handwriting, cursive writing, phonics, and sight words. The little ones get to practice all of these in this series. Early English is a series of 9 books that help kids with capital letters, phonics, reading comprehension, spellings, sight words, rhyming words, and others. Ready to Write is a series of 9 workbooks that are ideal for kids aged 2+ years. This series helps the little ones to get a basic understanding of numbers and the alphabet. Along with these, they get to do pattern writing and coloring. 

  • Activity Books:

Activity books tend to keep the little ones engaged and occupied for hours. They have plenty of different activities for the little ones. The activities include matching and sorting, stickers, colouring, and other activities. Write, Wipe and Clean which is very famous these days. As these books allow the kids to write and clean. These are reusable books. Sticker fun is also one of the amazing series where the little ones get to have 100+ stickers. The books contain stickers that can easily be torn along the dotted line. There are 1001 Brain Booster Activities series which has two books: 1001 Ultimate Brain Booster Activities and 1001 Jumbo Brain Booster Activities. These books are ideal for kids aged 3+ years and 5+ years respectively that contain various activities for the kids to do. Art & Craft Activity Book is a level-based series that contains 8 books. It is good to start with these books from the age of two. This series is a great way to bring out the little artists in your kids. The books come with art and craft material for the kids.

  • Colouring Books:

Little ones can never get bored of colouring. Buy them colours and their favourite colouring books and they are all set to be the little artist. Colouring has many benefits. Be it motor skills development, colour recognition, or improvement in concentration. Colouring allows the little ones to bring out their creative side. Pegasus too has various colouring books for the little ones. Super Jumbo Colouring Books  is a series of 4 books. These are big sized books with big images and the little ones get a lot of space to colour. The 365-page colouring book allows the little ones to colour one page on each day of the year. The little ones can never get bored with this series.

  • Puzzles

Puzzles help in the overall development of the kids and they make a perfect gifting option. There are a variety of puzzles catering to different age groups. There are early puzzles which are a 2-piece puzzle, a first puzzle which is a 3-piece puzzle, and a super puzzle which is a 3-puzzle set. Similarly, there are other pieces of puzzle sets too. Some puzzles come along with a book. Like Book+ 30-piece jigsaw puzzle and Book+ 100-piece puzzle. We often get to see a sense of accomplishment that’s there on your little one’s face when they complete the puzzle. This is the power of a puzzle. It makes them happy and engaged for hours.

These are a wide range of products that are available on the Pegasus website. One could see and place the order of their favourite books, puzzles, and toys. Products from Pegasus prove to be an ideal option for return gifts too.

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