Benefits Of Investing In Alfa Therm’s Air Heating Systems


Air heaters are devices used for heating and central heating where there is a requirement to heat air for any industrial or other heating application. Alfa Therm is the destination where your search for the best air heater manufacturer in India ends. In this blog, we will discuss the main components of Alfa Therm air heaters and learn why should you choose Alfa Therm air heaters. 

Alfa Therm manufactures air heaters from 25,000 kca/hr to 4,00,000 kcal/hr. Thousands of Alfa Therm air heaters are used in almost every application in India and abroad. The main parts of Alfa Therm air heaters comprise insulation, the combustion chamber made out of stainless steel, fuel oil burner, a fuel gas outlet, blower and smoke tube.

How do air heaters work? 

Alfa Therm’s air heater allows hot air to directly heat through the heat exchanger which is diesel/gas/solid fuel fired. The air heater system consists of a blower fan fitted at the bottom of the unit to blow air upwards over the combustion chamber and smoke tube nests. Then, the hot air from the chamber is directed to the desired location. At the button, there’s an air slot that allows combustion air. You can see the flame of the burner through the side of the glass. The dust-proof, pre-wired electrical control panel box is located on the air heater itself and allows for easy operation.

Features of Alfa Therm air heaters

Alfa Therm air heaters are fully automatic and very easy to operate which makes them quite popular among clients. Their air heaters have critically controllable hot air with temperature models up to 225°C. All their models can easily be installed with an existing or new system, are space savers and produce less noise thus ensuring that the ambiance of your workplace is peaceful. All these attributes make Alfa Therm air heaters a great investment for industrial processes. 

Benefits of investing in Alfa Therm air heaters

Air heaters are used in a wide range of industrial applications including drying, curing, heat treating and more. They are in fact literally the best solution wherever air heating is done. This is because by using Alfa Therm’s air heater, you can save more than 70% as compared to an electric heater. What more? Its running cost is much lower than thermic fluid heater. 

Why choose Alfa Therm air heaters 

  • Alfa Therm is the leading manufacturer of all types of heating elements. They even have the best range of hot air generators that are used for heating any type of premises.
  • All the product models are low maintenance, ensure high performance, and are easy to maintain and economical at all levels. 
  • Our industrial heaters are built using the latest technology and install only internationally accepted quality products thus ensuring you the best quality product in the market.
  • Built for high durability, less noise, and maximum efficiency, our production team strictly follows the total quality management for all our heating elements.

Alfa Therm has been in the industry for more than 25 years and their experience is what makes the development of robust solutions possible as per the client requirement. They use advanced technology in the production of air heaters and other heating solutions for different applications. Being the most determined air heater suppliers in India, they guarantee industry approved design. Get in touch with them today to get more information about the product!


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