Benefits of Damascus Chef’s Knife


Damascus has long been known as one of the finest materials used in the manufacture of blades. It not only attracts great specimens to the surface. But Damascus also has physical and mechanical properties, not just the Damascus steel that modern craftsmen use. Only in the manufacture of weapons with decorative edges and hunting blades. But they are also used to make something relatively cool – kitchen knives.

The benefits of Damascus in the kitchen can be shown by several factors:

  • Damascus chef Knife Harder – About 57-59 HRC.
  • Its blades actively resist bending and warping.
  • You can sharpen the cutting edge.
  • it steel kitchen knives are of high power and look very attractive.

What to look for when buying

It is believed that Armory 3 it is enough to serve a kitchen knife, varying in size. The maximum values ​​are 270 mm, 400 mm, and 450 mm, respectively. There are several factors to consider when choosing a it kitchen knife:

  • Material handling It is best to choose solid wood or Macerata models.
  • Knife assembly defects are unacceptable, especially at the junction of handles and blades.
  • Hardness of metal
  • Experienced chefs suggest choosing wide-bladed models as more practical.

Which Damascus knife is not suitable for the kitchen?

Modern knife makers use a variety of it steel. They differ not only in external data but also in physical and mechanical properties. In practical terms, it is better to choose a weather-free it -based model. If the so-called black it was use in the manufacture of the knife. The care of such a knife would require more attention from the owner. Residual moisture on blades or droplets of aggressive substances. (Lemon juice or saltwater) can cause red spots on the surface of the blade.
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Our site offers a list of knives of Damascus for various purposes. Often a practical purchase is a set of Damascus kitchen knives: the chef, the kitchen. Which can include many items of different sizes and purposes. remade in the same style.

Read extra:

In addition to the standard models in Basak, Beluga, Dobri, Baribal, Bratsky, Zulan, and many other steel 95×18 manufactured by us and weather-free Damascus.

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