Cloud-based software systems are fundamentally changing the way complex systems are managed in different industries. Schools are also suffering. Centralized school management software have provided a more comfortable and organized environment for staff, students, and administration.

School management systems, also known as school resource planning systems, provide a comprehensive tool for connecting the three pillars of a school: students, teachers, and school leadership. It can be used to record, manage, monitor and analyze all processes and activities that affect students, teachers and one or more parts of school management. School management systems provide complete digitization of all academic and non-academic activities, which means better productivity, better communication and efficiency throughout the process. School management systems simplify the complex administrative and non-administrative situations that arise on a daily basis.
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Why school management systems?

Empower and support teachers and students through e-learning platforms

2020 was a year when we realized we needed online training more than ever. Two years later, we will continue to use the resources given to us, freedom of connection. E-learning portals allow students and teachers to interact without going to the classroom. E-learning opportunities give students a more comfortable and hands-on learning experience. They also create a platform for teachers and students to stay in touch and create a seemingly private channel, even if a classroom full of students is connected through the platform at the same time.

Unobstructed communication with parents;

The school management system provides tools for parents better than any traditional method. With text messaging, email, and mobile access, parents receive the latest updates on their child’s progress and notifications from management.

You can interact directly to clarify any academic or non-academic topic. School management systems with the latest payment integration methods also facilitate fee management. School administrators and parents communicate directly via the Internet, ensuring parents can make their payments smoothly and easily without having to worry about coming to school during business hours.

Accurate and fast reports;

Reporting became easier with the school management system. From students ’grades to administrative decisions, the report components help the school visualize data and identify patterns that will ultimately lead to better decisions. The system’s data analysis tools help provide a comprehensive view of the school’s day-to-day operations. The system analyzes the data to identify areas in need of improvement and improvement. From queuing to cafeteria to allocating school resources, the system helps you make smart and informed decisions thanks to the system’s data analysis component.

Go paperless! Digitize administrative and non-administrative tasks;

Every teacher will tell you that the hardest part of your job is paperwork. The digitalisation of administrative tasks makes it much easier to assign tasks, correct assessments, progress reports, and other teacher-related tasks.

Thanks to the school management system, it is not difficult to organize a festival, sports or educational event. Reporting to them is relatively easy, as the system contains all the student information and acts as a portal from which they can be contacted at any time. In addition, the system’s tools make it easy to send learning materials and homework schedules to students and teachers.

Smart classes;

Can you imagine being a teacher and having all the teaching materials ready and arranged for you in advance? You give your full potential to teaching. This also applies to students. Learning is facilitated when the student communicates well with the class. Thanks to the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, teaching already goes beyond traditional teaching methods. With connected digital devices, students are only a matter of time before they receive their material from the teacher’s “whiteboard”.

Not only is it a link between teaching and learning, but it also connects the two parts of leadership where all important decisions are made. The school administration receives all the information from the smart classroom, which is synchronized with the school administration system. The system helps to extract information that will ultimately lead to better decision making.

Real-time data;

Intelligent classroom integration paves the way for real-time data. With school management software, management and parents communicate in real time. You’ll see what’s happening from real-time tracking of school buses and attendance to homework and test details. Access to real-time data helps management and parents make better decisions.

Better infrastructure;

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, experience in owning a school management system enhances the overall school experience for everyone. Children are well cared for by minimizing inconveniences such as long queues in the school canteen. The token system can be easily deployed. Small changes in the school experience increase overall school satisfaction. Futuristic experience in system projects saves time and money as well as progress and success.


Most schools still use traditional data storage methods to protect their data. These methods are very difficult to use, store and create data and are incredibly vulnerable. Traditional file systems have poor security. When schools integrate school management systems, they can get rid of space-consuming and inefficient storage systems and also eliminate the risk of physical data loss due to fires, floods, insect damage, and natural decay processes.

Security and integrity go hand in hand, school management systems also provide much faster access to data compared to traditional filling systems, helping the school maintain accuracy and consistency throughout the system lifecycle.

Job satisfaction of teachers and employees;

A well-designed school management system greatly facilitates the work of teachers and increases the job satisfaction of current teachers, which is a cost-effective approach in the long run.

The school management system makes schoolwork attractive to new teachers who enjoy the hands-on teaching experience more.
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The school attracts talented teachers and has a competitive advantage over the competition, leading to a better outcome of the process. Increase job satisfaction for current teachers, which is a long-term cost-effective approach.

The endless benefits of shared text messaging;

School management systems are greener options than other more traditional systems for managing school processes. Eliminating boring and inefficient paperwork and replacing it with digitally equivalent methods saves energy because these methods reduce the need to repeat or duplicate the same work. School management systems are designed to serve many aspects of the institution. Because the needs of each school may be different, the school management system allows them to tailor the systems to meet their specific needs. Because school management systems are designed with multi-user capabilities, these systems can support multiple users simultaneously.

This makes it easier for users to access the same resources at the same time without wasting time.

Integration with communication and text messaging systems eliminates the slow, tedious and error-prone communication process.

Customizable modules and add-ons allow for unprecedented system customization.

Cloud-based technologies enable seamless integration and real-time connectivity, making the learning experience more fun and productive.

Why is TigernixSMS an unparalleled data integration solution?

The Tigernix School Management System provides a simple management approach to increase efficiency and productivity; Because:

The solution provides cloud-based access and supports payment gateways, RFID smart cards, mobile applications, email notifications and more. It supports modern technology such as

Our school management software is agile, so it can be customized to your needs.

Our system can be used for daily attendance, program management, etc. monitors daily activities e.g.

Other academic services provided by the system by integrating many modules, such as online search management, homework, assessments, and exam management.

Our system manages several modules that allow complete control of the campus.

Contact our team to find out how this solution can support the operational, managerial and financial decisions of your training centers.

Integration, concentration and innovation are the academic future;

The changes he brings to the school ensure that all school processes are effectively organized and in line with the school’s vision and mission. In the long run, such positive changes increase productivity, open up new opportunities, reduce waste, and increase productivity by saving money and time.


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