Are you looking for a bike that will blow your mind while wide open?


If you are thinking about how and why to choose a dirt bike, there are some very important elements that you must take into consideration when buying the 125cc dirt bike is the best option for you. Find out more. 

125cc dirt bikes are fast, how fast are they?

It doesn’t matter that these speed limits are true or not, I don’t care one way or another, you have a wide assortment of high-quality motor road bikes all year round. Today, they say, there are speed limits, but I have no idea what they are, and I do not care one way or another. I have a 1992 Yamaha DT 125 cc 2 stroke royal road bike, and I can tell you that it is hella fast, easily capable of over 120 MPH without the red coating on the RPM gauge Wedding Gift Wrapping.

Can dirt bikes be used?

Just save your money and find a good bike for your first bike. There are many good used dirt bikes if you know what to look for when buying a bike.

125 cc bikes are legal on the road, right?
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No, the only dirt bike valid for the road is the enduro. Check with your local police. Different countries have different rules.

An 125cc dirt bike is how high?

125cc dirt bike depends. there are many sizes and difrent types of 125 “s Every single motorcycle is different, see suzuki RM 125 which is about 37, 4 inches in seat height. then look again brand 125, like Yamaha ttr 125 only 30, 5 inches if 125cc dirt bike is a pit bike 125cc dirt bike may be only about 20 inches depending on the bike.

How do you fix a jammed gear on a dirt bike?

jammed… more specefic there are buds it will not shift maybe shaft displacement or curved line lines. my best bet is to break up the cases or take them to the store… how long do you have the bike for or how many miles it might be due to the bottom anyway.

How do You Repair a Dirt Bike Engine?

it depends on if the rod goes thew block if it will you will have to buy a new block and rebuild from the block up but if you just locked it you will have to buy a top end kit and with the possibility you may have to bear or hone the cylinder out.

What’s wrong when a 125 cc bike is just cut and no splashes?

Answer Look very closely at the boot plug spark that connects it to the plug wire; remove the roof and trim back a small amount of wire then reconnect. Also check the coil connection to make sure it is clean and tight. Generally this is a simple solution; you just have to find a bad connection.

How do you fix a throttle stuck on a dirt bike?

i find usually a carby… whether you need to lubricate up the cable, buy a new spring for the carby as it is just an old and weak mite to pull the cable back or if all else fails just buy a new cable… cheap Fix… but if not carby… i can’t help ya lol.

Is the height of the dirt bike 125 cc?

either 2 feet or 3 feet higher then 85 cc 125 cc is the same size as 250 and 450 cc.

How do you repair a dirt bike after it gets in the water?

You want to get water as soon as possible after sinking your bike. First, take your pipes and silencers and drain all the water out, next take your spark plugs and start kicking all the water out of the cylinder. Make sure you get all the water out before replacing the plug, either a new plug or make sure the plug you removed is dry, and put the pipes and silencers back on.

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