Arabian Mau Care


Arabian Mau Care

Caring for an Arabian Mau feline goes beyond the basics in grooming, toilet habits, and dental hygiene, among others. You have to ensure that the needs of your cat in all aspects are satisfied. So how should you care for an Arabian Mau should you decide to have one?

Understand that this cat breed is active, adventurous, and independent.
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Keeping the cats indoors means you have to give them several stimulating activities, so they can be healthy in all aspects (i.e., physical, mental, and emotional). Invest in cat platforms or cat trees so the cats can still have avenues to satisfy their climbing and exploration urges.

Giving them interactive toys and smart feeders is also ideal because Arabians Mau cats are smart that enjoy puzzles and using their brains.

When it comes to grooming practices, know that Arabian Mau felines are not high-maintenance because they generally have short hair with a glossy coat. Brushing the coat only once or twice per seven days is good. This breed comes with varied coat designs, colors, and patterns. Most Arabian Mau cats have brown, white, and black colors with tabby markings; only a few of the breed has red markings. You are lucky if you get one.

Any problem affecting your pet’s skin and/or hair coat should require a visit to your vet hospital Brampton, ON.


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