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America’s Love of Motors Can Bring Us Back Together


Whether you’re into off-road adventures with an ATV or you like cruising the black top on a road bike or you’d rather be buzzing around town on a moped, you love your motorized toys. Americans love anything with a motor. There are two basic questions you need to ask yourself before you buy a bike or a buggy. Do I want to take it off road? And how many wheels do I want? 

This decision probably says a lot about you as a person. People that ride a moped in a city might seem different from someone who rides an ATV on a farm. America is more divided than ever and Americans need to find common ground. That common ground could be the ground you are riding on. Americans love horsepower, and this love of motor sports can bridge the divide.

The first thing we need to do is accept that it doesn’t matter what kind of bike, ATV, or buggy you are into. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy riding. It doesn’t matter if you are in the deserts or Arizona and you stop when you see a sign that says, “Dune Buggy for Sale” or if you are in New York City checking out new mopeds for sale online, you are looking for the same thing. 

You want the rush of riding a bike or ATV. You want the freedom to either rip down a dirt trail or a highway. Let’s get past judging each other on where they ride or what they ride. Everyone will have opinions on why one is better than the other but, the facts are it’s an engine on a frame and it’s fun to ride it. So, let’s see which motoring lifestyle is best for you.

How many wheels do I want? Am I taking it off-road?

There are the fundamental questions you need to ask yourself. If you live in a city or somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of open space, you are going to be limited. Mopeds and scooters are the best for living in densely populated areas. They have been part of lifestyles in Europe and Asia for decades where anything on two wheels is the rule and anything with four is the exception. Every major city in America has dealerships now with new mopeds for sale. 

If you have a little more room to roam, you could go with a larger street bike. Maybe you enjoy spending your weekends driving hundreds of miles down the California coast or in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. It doesn’t matter where you do it, as an American you need to ride. If you are still committed to two wheels and want to go off the track, dirt bikes are for you. Dirt bikes might be the most popular off-road activity in America. From sea to shining sea, Americans love taking their dirt bikes out and ripping around our great trails. 

If you’ve got the extra space needed for a dirt bike, maybe you’ve got room for more wheels too. Four wheelers are a natural extension of dirt bikes and many people who own a dirt bike might also have an ATV. Both are practical tools for anyone living a rural lifestyle. Modern farmers rely heavily on ATVs as part of their business. Hunters will often use ATVs or off road go karts on their outings. They aren’t exclusive to people who live in rural America though. For example, think of the dune buggy.

The dune buggy was invented on the beaches of California in the 1960s. While they are quite different from the type of off road go kart that might be used on a farm, a dune buggy is the natural cousin of these kinds of rides. You can still find a dune buggy for sale in most of the better California beach communities. All these different kinds of bikes, trikes and quads have the same thing in common, they’re American classics. Whether you live on one of the coasts, or in Middle America people have the same love-affair with ripping around on adrenaline-pumping machines. 

Unity is in short order in the United States. Let’s come together over our love of revving engines. No matter what state you live in, what job you have, or how you like to spend your weekend your love for horsepower and the wind in your hair is shared by all. One of the best parts is American’s ingenuity relates to our automobiles. Hacks like the dune buggy and the go kart show how great of a nation we can be. Let’s put aside our differences and rally around the best parts about being American.


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