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Allen Greene


Claude Allen Greene IV is the athletic director at Auburn University. He previously worked as an assistant at the University of Mississippi and at the University of Buffalo. He has worked in numerous different roles in higher education and has a long list of accolades to his name. In addition to his work at Auburn, he has also worked as the director of athletics at the University of Buffalo. He holds a master’s degree in management, and has served on the board of the National Association of Collegiate Athletic Directors.

In his professional life, Allen Greene was a baseball player, basketball player, and assistant athletic director. He later worked behind the camera, becoming an assistant athletic director at the University of Mississippi and a director at the University of Buffalo. Although he was a talented athlete, his love of baseball led him to pursue a career as a basketball player, director, and assistant athletic director. His AIDS-related complications forced him to retire from his sports career. He suffered a heart attack and died a month before the movie’s release.

Allen Greene had a passion for taking pictures and worked with cameras as a kid.
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In high school, he would often film his friends and make videos of them. He was also an accomplished athlete, and used to work behind the camera at school events. Although he had a professional athletic career, he continued to work in front of the camera because he was so interested in the film industry. During the movie’s premiere, his shaky performance urged the audience to hold their breath.

After a brief stint in the film industry, Greene was killed by HIV/AIDS complications. Although he had a long baseball career, he had a successful acting career. The role of the assistant athletic director in the Shawshank Redemption gave him fame for a short period of time. He was a baseball athlete who had to move from town to city during his baseball career. While he was playing baseball, he suffered complications due to AIDS.

A friend of Greene, he became an important literary agent and was a close friend to Frank Darabont. Eventually, they worked together to get the rights to write Stephen King’s novella. As a result, they partnered up and produced the film. The story was so absorbing that the audience could barely breathe, while the film is a masterpiece of storytelling. The best actors don’t come easily to Hollywood.

While Greene was a baseball and basketball athlete during his college years.

His passion for filming led him to work behind the camera. He was a famous film director and was also an assistant athletic director at the University of Mississippi. He was also an aspiring athletic coach and worked as an assistant at the University of Buffalo. His life as an actor is not without controversy, and his death was a shocking event for his fans. A friend of his AIDS-related complications in the movie Shawshank Redemption is a testament to the importance of this character.

Allen Greene is an actor who played a key role in the film Shawshank Redemption. In real life, the actor was a professional basketball player and worked as a baseball agent for Darabont. The movie is a great movie, and his memory is still very much alive. While Greene was a baseball athlete, he later died of complications related to AIDS. He was a well-known sportsman, who received special recognition for his work in the movie.

After his death, Greene was a respected sports agent.

He helped Frank Darabont land the director’s job at Castle Rock Entertainment. Though Greene had a brief role in the movie, he had a very important role in the production.
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The late actor gained fame due to his exemplary work in the film. And he had a passion for sports, as well as the requisite dedication. It was an honor to watch him onscreen.

Before being named the director of the film, Greene was a well-known writer, and his work is well-known. His life story has been immortalized in a tribute to the actor, and he died at the age of 46. And the film has a special meaning in Greene’s legacy. His work and passion for sports went beyond movies and was also evident in his life. He was a true icon and a great example for many who have followed him.


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