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All You Need To Know About Concrete Kerbing


Concrete kerbs are an important part of urban infrastructure, modern transport, and sophisticated water management systems. The durability and long withstanding nature of roads, footpaths, highways, pavements, and drainage structures are made possible due to concrete kerbing. Hence, the importance of concrete kerbs cannot be overemphasized in infrastructure and development.

What are concrete kerbs?

Concrete kerbs are essentially raised lines of concrete that create separation and add dimension to pavements, gardens, lawns, and roadsides. While there isn’t much to look at when it comes to their design, concrete kerbs are a great addition to your property as they provide the necessary strength to your structures while adding depth to their overall aesthetic.

What is the importance of concrete kerbs?

Without concrete kerbing around your home, lawn, and structures, maintenance and upkeep would be difficult. For instance, a garden without concrete kerbing would be impossible to maintain as dirt and soil would always be falling over outside of the garden’s boundaries. 

What are the benefits of concrete kerbing?

While kerbing for surfaces can be done by using alternatives such as wood or stone, concrete kerbing is by far the best method to protect your surfaces. Given below are some of the benefits of concrete kerbing:

  1. They are highly durable

In comparison to stone and wood kerbs, concrete kerbs are highly durable given their long-lasting nature. Concrete kerbs require little to no maintenance, and in comparison to wood kerbs they do not decay away after a certain period. In cases of erosion, concrete kerbs merely require minimal fixes that do not require an expert. 

  1. They come is a lot of options and varieties

Concrete kerbing adds to a structure’s aesthetic as it is, however, if you wish to brighten things up, there exist many options and varieties when it comes to concrete kerbs. Kerbs can be painted in different colors both before and after the setting of concrete. One may also opt for pre-set kerbs that simply need to be installed.

  1. They add value to your property

Any small addition you make to your home and its surroundings helps increase its value, and concrete kerbs are no different. Concrete kerbs add aesthetic and monetary value to your home, in addition to making yard work easier and less labor-intensive. It makes your home appear sharper, clean, and more sophisticated. The wide range of designs and colors they come in can also be matched with your home’s exterior and hence enhance the overall aesthetic.

  1. They are cost-effective

In comparison to stone and wood kerbs that first need to be measured, precisely cut, and are expensive to procure, cement kerbs are cheaper to procure and do not require as much planning. The fact that cement kerbs can withstand harsh weather conditions, and do not require much maintenance also add to their cost-saving characteristics.

  1. They help control soil erosion

Since concrete kerbs are very sturdy, they help control soil erosion in addition to controlling root growth. In the absence of concrete kerbing, your plants could grow in all directions and their roots could grow up till your driveaway or even spread underneath your home’s surface. They also help prevent garden soil from spilling or slipping away into your driveway or yard.


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