Age-Related Eye Issues


Eye vision therapy Washington, DC

Did you ever experience wanting to have a good cry but then the tears just wouldn’t come? Or if there are tears, did you ever get the impression that your eye vision isn’t producing as much as it could? That condition is called dry eyes, and some of the symptoms are redness and a burning sensation.

This problem is easy enough to remedy, although it could still end up reducing your vision if you neglect it. Doctors usually prescribe an eye drop that would trigger the production of tears. If this doesn’t work, a surgical procedure might be necessary to keep the condition from worsening.
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How well our eyes interpret objects depends on how much light gets into them, all the way to the retina. A condition that hinders this process is called Cataracts. Being diagnosed with cataracts means cloud-like substances are gradually covering your eyes. It can lead to blindness if left unchecked.

Happily, a simple procedure can remove those cloud-like substances and restore your eye vision. The best part is that you don’t even have to confine yourself to a hospital bed during recovery.

Eye vision therapy Washington, DC are valuable resource when it comes to issues affecting your eyes.


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