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Advanced Canada VPS Server for your business


What is a VPS server in Canada?

Virtual Private Server Hosting is a part of the data center and is set up on a real server. The Canada VPS Server gives you more resources and a more powerful server compared to shared hosting. It works like a small server that is all it’s own.

VPS hosting is the best choice for a business just starting. It has a high uptime all the time. It helps improve how well your site works. Onlive Server has the best plans at a price that most people can afford, and they also offer technical customer support.

With VPS Hosting, you don’t have to share your site’s resources with anyone else. You can easily change anything, whenever and wherever you want. It can be quite affordable as you can scale up or scale down your sources as per your requirement. VPS Hosting is used a lot these days because of this reason.

Why should your business use a Canada VPS server?

When using Canada VPS Server, you don’t have to pay extra to run more than one operating system on the same machine. It is easy to set up and powerful. Easily handle the traffic on your site and make sure it runs smoothly. It is also easier to manage than a dedicated server.

But you get a space on the server just for your site and no one else’s. It is done by dividing the server into sections and slowly improving each section to work as its server machine. VPS can either be managed or not.

The biggest difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting.

Choose VPS if you want to host your site for a low price and with many options. The best and most powerful server is included. Those who want full root access should use it. You can change just about anything.

Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting

Saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to deal with technical problems.

When working with a managed VPS, you no longer need to know a lot about technology or have a ride.

A managed VPS web hosting plan lets you get all software updates on time, as long as there aren’t any problems.
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Our Managed VPS hosting services give you on-demand priority support, including constant server monitoring and a guarantee of 99.99 percent uptime.

VPS Hosting Not Managed

You have a lot more control over it than with a Managed VPS. You can do anything you want on the site as root.

Get full access to all of the website’s parts. It would help if you didn’t ask for permission before making changes to the website.

Gives you the chance to make your website safer and more technically sound.

With Unmanaged VPS Hosting, you can grow your business in a long and high way. Even if there is interference, you can still use the sources and get a great performance from them.

Why Should You Use an Onlive Server Virtual Server?

Onlive Server comes standard with the most up-to-date Virtual Server technology, giving users a powerful and affordable way to meet all their Canada dedicated Server needs. Virtualization can be used in many places, like web hosting, cloud computing, developing and testing applications, disaster recovery, and planning for business continuity.

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet, which means that high-performance servers are needed more and more. So, if you want to keep up with the demand, you’ll need a solution that can scale well. This kind of scalability is made possible because virtual servers let you run multiple server instances on a single physical server.


No matter how much you know about web hosting, you should always choose a Canada VPS Server over a Shared Hosting if you want a safe web host. But think twice before you choose Unmanaged VPS Hosting because it takes a lot of technical know-how to set it up. Also, you’ll want to spend a lot of time on it. On the other hand, customers who aren’t tech-savvy should choose Managed VPS Hosting because everything will be handled by the host, keeping you out of all the technical details.


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