A New and Innovative Flooring Technology – Engineered Flooring


Often when you are building your home and not buying for a ready-to-move-in home, then you are bound to face selection issues with your flooring.  Several options are available in the market and that is surely going to confuse you. So, it is best to explore all the options with the help of some professional who is competent enough to guide you.

What is Engineered Flooring?

Engineered flooring is a very modern concept where you get extremely durable floors that are high on the beauty quotient and at the same time are highly durable. The most important aspect is that they are very innovative because they come with added benefits of resistance to water and the ability to withstand any sort of climatic conditions.

When you ultimately settle for the engineered flooring for your dream home, you can choose from the latest option where you get engineered timber floors wherein solid hardwood is used for the construction of the floor. Here lies the difference between floors that have synthetic options like laminates and hybrids.

The Constitution of Engineered Flooring

Do you know what engineered flooring is made up of? It is one of the modern concepts and an innovative technology that is creating ripples in the market. Its upper layer is manufactured from real oak or hardwood timber which is fused together with innumerable pieces of plywood beneath. The function of this plywood is to enhance the strength of the floor, but you will not be able to see them. Apart from making it strong, they also have another function, that of limiting the expansion and contraction capability of the floor in humid conditions and during changes in the weather pattern.

The Longevity of Engineered Floors

The longevity of your engineered flooring depends on the top veneer thickness, the quality of the other components used, and very importantly how well you maintain your floor. If all three factors are well-considered, then you are assured of a floor that could take you through many years.

Due to the innovativeness of engineered flooring, you can use it for any room in your house including your bathroom as well as your basement.
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Such floors are made with hardwood which is naturally strong and durable. When it is used with the latest technology that involves engineered flooring then your floor becomes doubly durable and is also enhanced in its look.

engineered flooring

Engineered flooring is a much more durable option because it does not absorb the atmospheric moisture which causes the planks of wood to bend and warp. Ultimately such planks need to be replaced shooting the cost for the owner higher, but this is not a possibility with simple hardwood floors. So, here engineered floors has an edge over solid wood floor.

Why Choose Engineered Floors?

Engineered flooring while enhancing the appeal of your home, they are also easy to install. It is easy because they come as a finished product from the factory itself which speeds up the installation work. This not only saves you your time, but it also saves you a lot of costs in finishing it before installation and going through unwanted hassles of getting professionals to do it.

And pre-finished engineered flooring material also ensures that they are manufactured in conditioned environments which ensures optimum quality that you may not be able to get while you get it done on-site. Also, the finishes that the manufacturer applies are bound to last longer.


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