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A glance at the 6 Reddit features that you did not know about


Now we in this article are going to talk about the sixth most visited site in the United States. With approximately 1.5 billion users, Reddit has left behind popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even the OTT giant Netflix. All those people who already know about Reddit would relate to the facts, and even those who might not be very well aware of Reddit would have indeed been intrigued by these astonishing numbers. It has also made blogging easy and more visible but if you wish to feature on Google you can get more information here. Many more facts and figures about “The front page of the internet” can be stated, but that is not what this article is about. So without further deviating from the subject matter, let’s quickly answer some of the questions popping up in your mind.

What is Reddit?

There are a billion ways people will explain this to you, but to put it precisely, let us say that Reddit is a platform with registered users that contribute to the site in images, text, videos, etc. It can be web content, social news, a forum, or even a social network. These contributions can also be visited up or down based on the opinions of other members. With mostly all social media features, Reddit gives the members the option to be anonymous users. So basically, you get the content you care about but rather by the people you don’t even know. Unlike other forums or social media platforms, Reddit is not about any individual but is more about the community as a collective.

6 Reddit features that you did not know about

You can never learn anything entirely, and you are mistaken, my friend. Similarly, your favorite social site is Reddit. After knowing about Konami code, Century club, and the beginnings of fake accounts, it may come as a surprise that some features you didn’t know existed. But bear with me.

1. The magic of the pi symbol – Reddit

The first feature that we will talk about is the pi symbol at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen on the site. Yeah, so what about it? Try hovering the cursor over that symbol sometimes, and then see magic. It tells you everything you need to know, like the server delivering the content.

2. Quote text- Reddit

Often, you might have wanted to be able to quote the text of more than one line you have been writing without using the extra “>” character. Well, tada, here is an easy and simplified way to do the same. Instead of laboriously typing the surface, all you have to do is highlight the text, and it will be inserted into the comment field on its own.

3. Want a faster scrolling speed? 

Many of you might not like the idea of fast scrolling very much because we are already pretty much comfortable with the rate, and we love to keep scrolling and scrolling throughout the day and even at night. But this is a pretty cool feature, or rather call it a hack that will allow you to view an actual slideshow of submissions by just sitting and not even having to scroll up or down. How to do it? Just add a simple letter p at the end of the Reddit URL and watch with your very own pair of eyes as content slides and slides on their own.

4. A complete command list-

 pressing the period key “ will open a command box for you. After seeing the command box, press the question mark key, and boom, list all available commands. If you have always wanted to know the shortcut commands, you can also get a list. Press “shift +” and open up the shortcut keys and functions list.

5. Bypass the company’s filters –  

If you have been working in a firm or company, your organization must have blocked your favorite social site in the wake of productivity. If all you have ever dreamed of is bypassing your organization’s filter, don’t worry. Here is a hack!. All you have to do is merely add a plus symbol ”+”  right next to the URL you need to access. Including a plus at the end of the URL will enable you to use Reddit whenever and wherever you want. Thank me later.

6. Covert text into paragraphs- 

To write a poem or stanza, you have to keep changing the lines. Many writers or poets who want to post poems may find it difficult to arrange their posts correctly and correctly.  So how can you do that easily? After writing a line, double press space, press the return key, and watch as your posts turn into stanzas.


Hope you all liked these hidden features of Reddit. Knowing about these will now make your scrolling even easier. Happy Scrolling!


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