A Day With Abner


Abner, a fictional talking dog created by the author of the book “Green Eggs and Ham” (Dr. Seuss) is in a dilemma after he eats some of Sam’s green eggs and ham because they’re not what he expected them to be. Will Abner be able to find a new dish that he likes?


What would you do if you had a day with Abner? Well, some people might think about what they could ask the famous sage, while others might read one of his famous quotes.
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But for me, I decided to spend my day with him by taking a stroll through his hometown of West Branch, Iowa.

West Branch is a quaint little town that’s home to just under 1,000 residents. It was founded in 1851 and is situated on the banks of Big Walnut Creek. The main street is lined with stores and restaurants, as well as several churches and parks. In addition to being an important stop on the Underground Railroad, West Branch also played an important role in Abner’s life.

Abner was born in West Branch on October 5th, 1812. He was the second of six children and grew up during a time when westward expansion was happening throughout America. His parents were farmers who struggled to make a living, but Abner proved to be a gifted young man and soon began teaching school. He eventually became involved in politics and served as the mayor of West Branch for two terms. In 1850, he was elected to the Iowa Senate and served there for eight

What is Abner?

Abner is an AI chatbot that helps people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) connect with others. Created by the startup Neurotrack, Abner is designed to help people with ASD find friends and make new ones online.

Abner is currently available in the United States, and Neurotrack is working on expanding the service to other countries. So far, Abner has helped over 2,000 people connect with others online.

The purpose of Abner is not only to help people with ASD find friends but also to help them learn about social networking and how to use it safely. For example, Abner can recommend appropriate websites for users to visit and suggest ways to improve their online interactions.

If you’re interested in using Abner or want more information about the service, you can visit the Neurotrack website or contact the company directly.

Why did the townspeople kill Abner?

The townspeople of Westville killed Abner because they believed he was a witch. They were afraid that he would harm them and their families.

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End Credits.

Abner is a 3-year-old black Labrador Retriever who loves to play fetch with his owner, Sarah. “He’s such a loveable dog and he always makes me laugh,” Sarah says.

On a typical day, Abner enjoys spending time with his owner, going for walks and playing fetch. He’s also an enthusiastic cuddler, and loves to give kisses! When Sarah isn’t around, Abner likes to curl up on the couch and watch TV.

Abner has brought joy to Sarah’s life and he’s sure to do the same for yours as well! If you’re looking for a loyal friend who loves to play and spend time with you, Abner is your guy!


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