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If you love monsters, then you’re going to love Trevor Henderson. The Toronto artist is web-famous and an Internet urban legend, thanks to his creepy drawings. From wild memes to fan-made videos to even caught-on-camera sightings, this guy’s work has captivated audiences everywhere. His art has been the inspiration behind a variety of works, from video games to movie posters.

A Canadian illustrator, Trevor Henderson is best known for his ghostly and horror-theme drawings. He’s also created a number of web cryptids, including SCP-106 and SCP-2852. While his cryptid creations are unsettling, his first work, Bonesworth, has a small storyline in the SCP Foundation. He’s a fan of the SCP Foundation and a patron of the Patreon, and has several illustrations in the public domain.

Aside from his art, Trevor Henderson has created several other pieces of SCP-related media.

His most famous work, the cartoon fetus Nurpo, was create by Jack Stauber. The original drawing of the fetus was make by Trevor Henderson and was later publish in the SCP Foundation. In addition to his works, he’s also known for his web cryptids, such as SCP-106 and SCP-2852.

The creator of Siren Head, a fictional character, is a Canadian horror artist and illustrator. The game lets players search for a lost hiker in a dark forest. The player has to find the body of the hiker and escape. The game will be popular among YouTubers. The original version of this videogame will be available in 2020. He’s also been the inspiration behind the comic’s sequel, The Strangers, and a few other projects.

Aside from his work, Henderson has also written and illustrated many books and graphic novels.

Despite being a successful artist in his own right, he’s also a horror enthusiast, so he has created many cryptids and urban legends. Besides creating horror comics, he has published a number of other works on the internet, including a number of horror-themed graphic novels.

Although he’s best-known for his ghostly and horror-themed drawings, Trevor Henderson is also a graphic novelist. His cryptic drawings have been publish in numerous books. Among his other creations are Big Charlie, a cat with a wolf’s head. In addition to this, the SCP Foundation has named him “SCP-4158.” In addition to Sirens, he has also created two other monsters that are frightening to viewers.

In addition to his scary cryptids, Henderson’s work features deformed ghosts and cryptids.

His most famous creation is Siren Head, a cryptid with air sirens for a head. It lures victims into the woods by using distress signals. This monster has inspired a video game, and has been the inspiration for numerous other works of art. There are many ways to learn more about this prolific artist.

In addition to his terrifying cartoons, Trevor Henderson has also written several books, including a series of children’s books. While his work focuses on ghosts and horror, he has created some other works that are more whimsical and fun. His most famous creation, “Nurpo,” a cat-shaped cryptid, was create by Jack Stauber. The original image was create in 2007, and his original artwork was redrawn by the artist to make it more frightening.

The Canadian illustrator Trevor Henderson has created many works based on horror.

His most well-known creation is Big Charlie, also known as SCP-4158 by the SCP Foundation. Other works by this artist include the cryptids SCP-106, SCP-2852, and Sirens. His cryptids have influenced many people and inspired his cryptid-like characters.

A Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson’s creepypasta-style paintings are famous for reimagined classic creepypasta villains and original characters, such as the Cartoon Cat and the Bridge Worm. The artist’s cryptid-themed videos are popular with fans of the genre and are widely available on YouTube. These videos are also based on stories and legends of the creepypasta community.

Henderson is a Canadian artist who has created horror comics and illustrations.

His work is a collection of his original drawings. He also has a portfolio of his own creations.
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Some of the most popular of these are the Cryptid internet creatures, which are based on real life objects. Some of these are Siren Head, the Cartoon Cat, the Bridge Worm, and Yoyo. A few of his more popular works are based on real-life events.


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