A Brief Biography of Michelle Keegan


Michelle Keegan is an English actress who has had roles in a variety of popular television series including Coronation Street, Our Girl, and Love Island. She is well-known for her role as the mother of a teenage daughter in the hit BBC sitcom Corrie. If you would like to know more about the actress, read on for more information. The following is a brief biography of Keegan. Also, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

When Michelle Keegan was just 14, she was working at a make-up counter. She took acting classes and landed the role of Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street. She also revealed that her favourite breakfast is a custard cream and chips and gravy. The actress is marries to TOWIE star Mark Wright and they have two children together. She’s a popular fashion icon who often posts pictures on Instagram.

The Manchester-born actress has a storied career, having achieved acclaim for her role in Coronation Street.

She has appeared in a number of other TV shows as well, including BBC’s Our Girl, ITV’s Tina and Bobby, and Sky One’s Brassic. She is also a regular on the radio, and her first co-hosting role on BBC Radio 1 was in 2009.

After her role in Coronation Street, Michelle Keegan found fame as an actress. She’s also appeare in the films Ordinary Lies and Our Girl. She is marry to actor Mark Wright and has no children. The actress previously engaged with singer Max George. The two were in a relationship for two years, but called off the engagement in 2012. You can check her dating history and find out more about this popular star. How to Find Out About Michelle Keegan’s Personal Life

A British actress, Keegan found fame as a teenager in the soap opera Coronation Street .

She has also appear in the drama Our Girl and Ordinary Lies, both of which were film in London. The actress is marry to TOWIE co-star Mark Wright. The couple have a son together, who is her husband. It’s unclear whether Keegan is gay or a lesbian. It is important to note that her parents were not friends. The former is of course gay and he is gay and is a mother of two.

After leaving Coronation Street, Keegan’s husband Mark Wright became the face of the fashion brand Lipsy. In addition to her ITV soap career, she has appeared in various other films, including Our Girl, Tina and Bobby, Plebs, and Max George. She was previously engage to singer Max George, but they split up in 2012. They is currently engage to Mark Wright. She has two children with him. The actress has also been involvedin several other relationships, but it is difficult to pinpoint which one is her real husband.

The actress has been married to Michelle Keegan, who is her brother.

They had been courting for two years before deciding to marry. The couple did not have children together. After marrying Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright had two kids. A month later, Michelle Keegan met and married singer Max George. The couple was a couple for two years before separating in 2015. They do not have any children, but they did share an engagement photo.

She is married to TOWIE star Mark Wright. She is the youngest of the three and has two children. He parents are Scottish, but her father is of Gibraltar descent. He mother was born in Spain. Her father is of English descent. Her mother is of Gibraltar origin. She has a sister named Nichola Corfield. Her parents met at a youth festival and she attended St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic High School in Eccles. In the late 90s, she enrolled in the Manchester School of Acting. She worked in the retail store.

The actress is married to actor Michelle Keegan.

They were courted for two years before getting engaged. However, they do not have any children yet. Although they are happily married, their relationship is not over. In May 2015, she married Mark Wright. The couple had two children. They split in 2016. The marriage was finalized in 2022. There have been rumors about the actress’s plastic surgery. Despite her extensive work in the entertainment industry, she is still in a relationship with her brother.


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