Top 8 different types of sunglasses


Sunglasses are a vital part of any outfit. It not only protects you from the sun’s rays, but it also adds edginess and style to your outfit. A matching pair of sunglasses can create an iconic look and upgrade your overall appearance. But do you know how many types of sunglasses you can add to your collection? 

Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, materials, and lenses. Ranging from classic styles to more lavish designs, the options for both men and women are endless. With so many different types of sunglasses, it’s hard to find a pair that suits your face and style. Here we have listed the top 8 types of sunglasses, along with their features and characteristics. 

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Top 8 types of sunglasses 

Checklist for types of sunglasses: 

  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Browline Sunglasses
  • Square Sunglasses
  • Wayfarers
  • Butterfly Sunglasses
  • Cat Eye
  • Flip-Up
  • Clubmaster
  • Heart
  1. Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses were initially designed to protect pilots’ eyes while flying. It has now shifted from a necessary safety accessory to a must-have fashion piece. The lens is oval in shape with a top bar on the browline that narrows near the bridge of the nose. Due to their versatile and timeless nature, Aviators are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in history. 

Aviator frames have a wide field of vision and offer superior protection. They are typically made of metal (gold or silver) but are also available in plastic. An oval face shape is ideal for aviator sunglasses because it perfectly balances the round edges of the face and enhances your features. However, these are also appropriate for people with square faces.

  1. Browline Sunglasses

Browline sunglasses are also known as Clubmaster Sunglasses. These have a thick top frame that runs along the brow line and extra thin round rims at the bottom of the lens. These types of sunglasses with retro frames have grown in popularity over the last decade. 

Clubmasters have a unique style of framing that distinguishes them from other styles. The upper half of the frame is larger and bolder than the lower half. The rest of the frame, including the bridge, is usually metal. 

  1. Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are available in a range of sizes and styles. They look great on various faces, especially round, oval, and oblong. They provide a nice contrast to softer features.

Top 8 different types of sunglasses

  1. Wayfarers

Ray-Ban invented wayfarer sunglasses in the 1950s. The sunglasses have sturdy frames that are also thick, giving them a stylish look to anyone who wears them. Men and boys prefer them the most. They can, however, add a sense of appeal to any round face shape. Ray-Ban sunglasses are among the most popular. You can get them from a variety of other brands through online shopping or any physical store.

  1. Butterfly Sunglasses

When open, these sunglasses resemble a butterfly’s wings and have a criss-cross nose bridge. Butterfly sunglasses are similar to cat-eye sunglasses but far more fun and unique! In addition, they can add a lot of character to your appearance.

Butterfly sunglasses are an excellent choice for a fun look that can steal the show. The main unique feature of these glasses is that they are narrower on the inside edge and wider on the outside edge. They are usually oversized and have printed frames or colours that make them stand out.

  1. Cat Eye

Wear cat-eye sunglasses to achieve a fierce and strong appearance. The upper outer curve of the frame, which flicks outwards like a cat’s eye, gives cat eyes their name. The cat eye sunglasses are unique by their stretched-out tips on the top. They suit face shapes that are wider at the bottom, such as Oval or Square.

If you thought cat eyeglasses were only for women, think again because there are many men’s cat eye options that can become the exquisite entree in your accessory collection. They are ideal for all face shapes and range from daring and bold to gentle and graceful.

  1. Flip-Up

Flip-up eyewear will give you a modern and clean look. They’ve recently become popular, and it’s incredible how many men and women have enhanced their collections with flip-up sunglasses. They are exactly as their name suggests!

The top part of the glass is attached to the frame, and the rest is detachable. This unique structure allows you to flip the glass upwards. These typically have round, rectangular frames but are also available in other shapes. 

  1. Clubmaster

Clubmasters have a distinct framing style that distinguishes them from other styles. These sunglasses have thicker brows and a much thinner frame that holds the lens. This type of sunglasses is ideal for people with oblong faces because the wider brows make a face appear wider or more square. The lenses are round, almost circular, with a top bar across the browline, similar to aviators, for a chic and funky look. 

  1. Heart

Heart sunglasses are some of the most popular types of sunglasses. If you select the right and suitable colour of glasses, they can simply complement your face. The best part is that these sunglasses are available in almost every colour. Moreover, these heart sunglasses are best for face shapes that are wider at the bottom, such as square or triangle. 

Conclusion: Types of sunglasses for your selection

Wear the types of sunglasses that suit your personality and face. Therefore, before selecting a pair, consider all available shapes, sizes, colours, and brands. Apart from style and look, you must also consider choosing a pair of sunglasses that offer complete UV protection.

We have listed various types of sunglasses that fulfil all these criteria and preferences in the above-mentioned list. So go ahead and select the ideal pair of sunglasses for your personal use and wear them proudly.


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