6 Tips to Get Dubai Jobs for Freshers


Are you a fresher? Do you want to get one of the Dubai jobs for freshers? Do you think it’s hard? 

It’s true! Finding a job in Dubai is challenging, but we have the six best tips to help you get one of Dubai Jobs for Freshers.

Here’s how to get one of the Dubai jobs for freshers

  1. Acquire a Proper Visa

An employment visa is required if you intend to get one of the Dubai jobs for freshers. Working for a company in Dubai makes them relatively easy to obtain.

The most exact time to move to Dubai is after you’ve accepted a job offer because a work visa is necessary. 

It is feasible to enter the emirate on a visiting or tourist visa to conduct a job hunt and change your visa status after securing a position.

Most tourists to Dubai don’t need a visa in advance; they can get one when they arrive.

Although tourist visas are a fantastic method to enter the nation to conduct your job hunt, it’s essential that you either obtain a work visa, assuming you find employment or depart the country when your visa expires. 

There is a 10-day period following the expiration of your visa, but if you’re found to be working while in the country on a tourist visa, you risk being arrested, fined, and deported.

The good news is that you have little control over the visa application procedure once you have employment. 

Your company will handle all aspects of the sponsorship and visa processes on your behalf, except for a few documents, such as your passport number. 

  1. Secure a Work Permit and Health Card.

You must provide the Department of Health and Medical Services with copies of your passport, a photo, a letter confirming your employment, and a visa application. In contrast, your work visa is being processed if you want to get one of the Dubai jobs for freshers.

You must also have a blood test to rule out illnesses like HIV and tuberculosis.

Currently, the UAE prohibits foreigners who are carriers of such diseases from settling there. A health card, which is required in Dubai for all international employees, will be given to you if you pass all the tests.

You must also apply for a work permit, which entails giving the Ministry of Human Resources a photocopy of your passport, a recent headshot, your signed employment contract, your visa, evidence of your good health, and your company’s business license.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai is responsible for issuing residency visas, which are the last requirement. 

The AMER center is where you can apply in person or online. A form must be filled out with your passport, medical records, a health certificate, an original entry permit, passport photos, a copy of your work permit, and the receipt from processing your work permit.

It’s done now! You can legally begin working in one of the Dubai jobs for freshers 

as soon as you have your work visa, health card, work permit, and resident visa.

  1. Understand the Work Market.

Not all job markets are prepared to rebound even if the emirate’s financial situation improves. If you want to get one of the Dubai jobs for freshers, here Listed below are a few industries where job seekers may succeed:

  • Tech
  • human resources
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Consulting

Salary increases are anticipated in several industries because they are doing so well. 

  1. Analyze the Major Corporations.

In Dubai, a few businesses have a solid reputation for thorough hiring processes and great workplaces.

If you want to get one of the Dubai jobs for freshers, you should know that the retail chains Landmark Group and Majid Al Futtaim, the accountancy firm PwC, the investment management firms Mubadala and ADIA, and the management consulting firm Deloitte, among others, are among the top companies to work for, according to LinkedIn’s Top Companies 2021 report.

  1. Improve your Resume.

Your resume is the most vital tool when looking for a job, especially if you’re looking for one of the uae jobs for freshers.

An employer will typically spend only six seconds reviewing your CV due to the intense competition in Dubai’s job market. 

Using buzzwords on your resume is one of your biggest mistakes. 

Make up a persona for the internet. Your online presence may impact the success of your job search. 

You should increase your online activity in addition to removing possibly detrimental postings and photographs by making a résumé and completing jobseeker accounts on platforms like LinkedIn.

However, posting about your family or interests could also be helpful if you want to display some personality.

Make sure you are qualified for any positions you apply for. It doesn’t make sense to apply for jobs that don’t fit your skills just because you’re enthusiastic about a firm. 

If a candidate’s applications are disorganized, hiring supervisors may assume they lack direction and don’t know what they want.

  1. Network.

A referral program is frequently in existence inside the HR departments of Dubai’s businesses, and many are actively looking for individuals current employees have recommended.

 As a result, networking is an effective strategy to find and get employment if your goal is to see one of the Dubai jobs for freshers.

Networking personally is crucial to your job hunt.

Networking events can still be attended even if you cannot go to Dubai. You can locate specific “online job fairs” to assist with the “who-you-know” and the many online groups and social media platforms available.

In Conclusion, 

Stay calm! Wherever you are in the globe, it takes time to get a job, but Dubai’s labor market is incredibly fierce. Aside from the skills shortage, employment in Dubai is often seasonal, with most hiring occurring from January to March and almost ceasing during the holy month of Ramadan and the warmest summer. So calm down; it’s not unusual for your job hunt to take six months to a year.

We hope you get one of the Dubai Jobs for Freshers well!    


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