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5 Reasons Why Printing Services Are Important In This Day And Age


In the 1990s and early 2000s, people believed that the world would be fully digital by 2020. A lot have expected that flying cars, robots, and invisible smartphones will take over. Fast forward to today, and we can say that we’ve failed to meet those people’s expectations. We, the people of today, are living proof that we’re still far from that imagined world. 

Even though we still have a long way to go, we’re surely at the first step towards a fully digital world. Over the last decade, we’ve been slowly leaning toward digital methods. A lot of businesses have started to incorporate online transactions, too. Regardless, businesses that offer non-digital services are still necessary.

One of which are printing service businesses. It’s easy to assume that we no longer need them. But, if we take a closer look at the things around us, we’ll see how present they are. Almost every business relies on printing businesses for their operation. Indeed, printing services are one of the businesses that contribute to other businesses’ success. 

You might be wondering, how? To help you understand why, here are five reasons printing services are still important today.

1. Artists showcase their craft through printing.

There are a lot of artists who rely on professional photo printing to showcase their craft. Even though the term “photo printing” seems straightforward, it is actually broader than that. A lot of digital artists and photographers invest in professional photo printing for their works. 

In the arts industry, photo printing services affect the overall quality of an artist’s work. You might be surprised to see that some professional printing businesses are expensive. Those businesses use high-quality printers, papers, and inks for their fine arts needs.  

The same goes for photographers. Even though they can easily share and store their works online, it’s different when they print their shots. Also, a lot of artists love to display and exhibit their works. That’s one reason why professional photo printing is more alive than ever today. 

2. Printing services complete product packaging.

Nowadays, one of the videos that people love to watch online is “unboxing” videos. Isn’t it fun to watch and see other people’s product reviews first before you spend money on something you’re unsure of? 

Have you also noticed how exciting it is when a product you’ve ordered online comes in a box or paper bag? The thrill of unboxing your order even though you know what’s inside is exciting. Whether you unbox a plain box with just a receipt printed on it or a colourful fancy one, both utilise printing. 

Try to observe the businesses around you. Notice their packaging, paper bags, and even advertisements. Aren’t they from printing? Likely, the answer is yes. 

3. As long as there are physical businesses, there will be printed advertisements.

Even though a lot of businesses today opt to market digitally, a lot still rely on printed advertisements. We’re not only referring to advertisements that you see on the road, but the ones that you see in boutique stores as well. 

Posters, sale announcements, and more will always be needed in stores. That means, as long as there are physical businesses, there will still be a need for printed advertisements. Despite people enjoying the benefits of online shopping, a lot of people still enjoy shopping physically. 

Also, isn’t it fun to window-shop and see the items in person? The next time you visit a mall, try to notice the advertisements that stores have. You’ll see how printing is evident in stores and boutiques. 

4. Photo printing makes our special moments more memorable.

Today, photos are taken, shared, and disposed of freely and easily. Do you notice how much you take photos on your phone? Yet, you only likely look at them once and start to forget that you even have them. It takes less than a minute for us to just click, snap, and post our photos anytime we want to.

We can’t deny how fun and convenient it is to capture our special moments in this day and age. Yet, this convenience also makes us forget to appreciate those special moments, too. This is why when people print their photos, they feel more sentimental and appreciate the moment even more. 

Even though a lot of people rarely print their photos anymore, a lot of people still do it occasionally. Printing your favourite photos makes it more special and it makes the moment memorable. On top of that, don’t people just love to have a couple of their best moments printed, too? As long as there are moments to live for, there surely are photos that deserve to be celebrated and printed. 

5. Printing is important in the fashion industry, too.

In this age of social media, people have made it easy for brands to promote and showcase their products — especially, fashion brands. You can find thousands to millions of influencers worldwide who share their fashion style and tips with the world.

And so, fashion is continuously evolving. Did you know that t-shirt making involves printing, too? Small to big fashion brands utilise printing for their items. Don’t you have that loose t-shirt or hoody that you always wear? If you have one and yours has a graphic design on it, that’s one of the reasons printing is still important today. 

A lot of small businesses offer t-shirt printing services, too. This shows how a lot rely on printing for their business. 

As long as these five reasons exist, printing services will remain important.

The five reasons I shared are just some of the many reasons why printing services are still important today. If you take the time to observe the things around you, you’ll surely be surprised at how printing is utilised. You might just see how printing is used in every industry, too.  

If you know someone who thinks that printing services are no longer relevant today, share these five reasons and help them appreciate the purpose of printing services in this day and age. 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services for photo and print needs.



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