5 Netflix Features You Didn’t Know About


From “binge-watching on Netflix on the weekends” to “Maybe we should host a Netflix watch party.” recommending your favorite shows to your loved ones by a “Have you watched this show on Netflix yet?” to an “OMG, season 3 just arrived on Netflix!!!!!”

It is precisely how the Netflix advertisement we see on Instagram or YouTube reminds us about this one name: Netflix.

Netflix has become one of the most easy-to-use and affordable means for people to escape reality, often through simple comfort. A Netflix subscription allows you to carry countless TV shows, movies, and documentaries in numerous languages. This accessibility has revolutionized how people stream their favorite programs. If you do not like Netflix, you can easily download from other platforms, like SonyLiv, and even Weibo, with this Weibo video downloader by 4Hub.

Let us look at some tricks that you didn’t know about which could improve your Netflix experience:

5 Netflix Features You Didn't Know About

The Rating Button Exists For A Reason on Netflix.

All of us have seen that thumbs-up button just below the show description. How many of us use it? The Netflix algorithm could figure out what you might like and provide a possible recommendation and match percentage if you didn’t know. Cool right?

The secret codes for your favorite Genres

Yes! You read it right. If the algorithm is not recommending the right shows for you, you can always use a set of different unique codes(thousands!!!) for all your specific genre interests.

dark comedies(869), scary comedies(932), crime dramas(6889), LGBTQ dramas(500), goofy movies(2351), crime documentaries(9875), mockumentaries(26) movies for kids under a certain age category etc. 

Open your browser and sign in to your Netflix account to do this. Type into the address bar, and press enter after inserting the correct codes. 

Other examples include:

  1.  Psychological thrillers(5505) 
  2. Cult comedies: 9434
  3. Action Comedies: 43040
  4. Comic Book and Superhero Movies: 10118
  5. Action Thrillers: 43048
  6. Adventures: 7442
  7. Asian Action Movies: 77232
  8. Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy: 1568
  9. Classic Action and Adventure: 46576
  10. Crime Action and Adventure: 9584
  11. Military Action and Adventure: 2125
  12. Spy Action and Adventure: 10702
  13. TV Action and Adventure: 10673
  14. Westerns: 7700

Smart Download Option in Netflix

Most of us might already know about this feature, but what you didn’t know must be that downloading movies or shows on Netflix consumes very little data compared to other services—providing HD quality and original audio and subtitles (all in one place!). 

You can then watch these later while on flight mode or when your WiFi doesn’t work.

By turning ON the Smart Download option, Netflix automatically deletes the episodes or movies you have watched within 48 hours. It deletes an episode for every new episode it downloads. Thus you don’t have to worry about managing your disk space.

I know, right! 

Customizing The Subtitles You Read On Netlfix.

This sounds very interesting. What if I reassured you there was a solution to your problem? You can read your subtitles in your preferred aesthetic way, like the yellow-colored subtitles used in the ’90s? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Click on your Netflix profile picture and go to Account.

Go to your profile, open the settings and click Change next to Subtitle appearance.

After making necessary changes, click Save.

This way, you can easily alter the font style, shape, and color. You can also add and remove shadows.

You can read with the comfort you always craved and enhance your academic vibes!

Using VPNs

The wide range of movies and shows available to watch varies from one country to another. Netflix is limited to territorial borders due to territorial licensing. Thankfully using a Virtual Private Network, widely known as a VPN, can save your day. 

VPNs provide a gateway to accessing the broader spectrum of Netflix’s offers by bypassing these territorial restrictions.

VPNs are available as apps and extensions. Although Netflix blocks most free VPNs, you can always use a paid VPN to watch content offered by different countries.

Examples include ExpressVPN, StrongVPN, PrivateVPN, etc.


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