5 Essential Things That You Need To Know About Gastro Specialist In Hospital


Gastro specialists are doctors who specialize in treating digestive disorders and ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, they are also known as GI doctors. Apart from treating digestive problems, they also guide their patients in different ways to keep their gut healthy. It includes medication, diet, and lifestyle changes.

The food we eat goes through an intricate process before it is excreted from the body.  Therefore, any obstacle or hindrance in this process can lead to serious digestion issues. Gastro specialists treat digestive disorders in adults and children. 

Things to know about a gastro specialist in Mumbai

  1. Experience of the doctor: Hospitals have multiple doctors specialized in a particular field. Before visiting a doctor, people need to know the doctor’s experience in treating patients. Doctors with more experience are generally preferred. However, some less experienced doctors provide equally good treatment.
  1. Credentials: Check the certification of the doctors to know if they have the necessary training and are skilled to offer gastroenterologist care to patients. People also need to know if the doctors have any history of malpractice. 
  1. Gender: As per the treatment protocol, a patient has to share personal details with the GI practitioners for proper diagnosis. Consider the gender of the consultant with whom you will be comfortable sharing your personal medical information. 
  1. Patient reviews: Reading the patient’s reviews educates people about medical practices and behavior. In addition, the reviews also provide information about the procedure of appointment, waiting for time, environment, and behavior of hospital staff. 
  1. Know the standard of the hospital services: Knowing the services offered by the hospital is crucial when the ailment requires hospitalization. Many gastro problems need surgical treatment. Therefore, while visiting a doctor in a hospital, knowing the quality of services offered there is highly recommended. 

What to expect on the first visit to gastro specialists?

On the first visit to the gastro specialist in Mumbai, patients are asked multiple questions about their specific medical conditions. Some of these questions include the following:

  • Explain your symptoms and how long you have been experiencing them.
  • The severity of abdominal pain and how long it generally lasts.
  • Does anyone in the family experience the same symptom?
  • Have you undergone any surgery for any medical condition earlier?

Although some questions may not be directly linked with the ailment, they help doctors discover the root cause. Therefore, patients need to provide the correct answer to each question.

After this, the consultant performs a physical examination by pressing different areas of your abdomen. It is done to check for any abnormal development of masses and internal tenderness. Some patients may also be asked to cough or to take deep breaths. After the checkup, the doctor may prescribe medicines or ask the patients to get specific tests done for a better diagnosis.
Digestive problems can be dangerous for people’s health. Sometimes these ailments require multiple visits to doctors. Moreover, people need to follow all the prescribed instructions carefully because if the treatment is not done properly, even a small problem can become life-threatening. Nanavati MAX hospital’s Gastro specialists in Mumbai are known to provide necessary diagnoses and treatment to people.


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