5 Best Tools To Evaluate Website Performance


Websites are the best way to protect your online presence and grow the business online by exploring the strengths of an open marketplace. However, just by having a website, you can’t experience the growth of revenue that other brands do.

Today, you need to have a strong functioning and outstanding website, which can really help users to do leverage the website to buy products or services. And as a website designing company in Delhi, we have the experience and know the importance of having a smooth functioning and optimized website. You can do wonders with it. But, the duty never ends just by designing and developing a top-notch website. The real duty is maintaining the website and givi9ng visitors a seamless experience.

Even maintenance has become a piece of cake, due to the introduction of AI and tools available in the market today. Through those amazing tools you can easily monitor, identify the errors/bugs, and, maintain the website with ease.

To help you with the right 5 tools for your website design company Delhi has brought you the list of best tools that will help you to evaluate your website performance.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI):

Google is one of the most trusted sources for anything on the internet, there are multiple reasons why any user blindly uses the platforms or services of Google. One such trusted tool is PSI, through it you can easily conduct speed tests of each irrespective of devices and webpage style, such as desktop or mobile. You get accurate data extracted from PSI by just pasting the URL of the required website.

The score rated on PSI is such as fast, slow, or average. It also gives you suggestions for optimizing the website by understanding the data generated.

  1. Uptrends:

To get very precise data or insights about the website performance, then this is the best valuation tool for the website. Through Uptrends you run the test on mobile or desktop—for the desktop, you can choose the resolution of the screen and run the test for different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, PhatomJS, and IE. And select the bandwidth throttling to run the test under different circumstances.

Uptrends is available in the paid and free versions, you can sign-up any of the ones based on your requirements. In the paid version you unlock different features!

  1. GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is the most popular website value tool for analyzing your site performance. It makes use of PageSpeed Insights and YSlow to generate the scores and state the insights of your website. GTmetriz is found to be more relevant because the source of information or scores it generates are the trusted and accurate ones. This makes it more precise and trustable as one of the best website valuation tools.

GTmetrix is user-friendly, where you need to simply paste the URL to run the test. Along with this, GTmetrix has deep test configuration settings such as, you can choose specific browser testing (Chrome and Firefox), testing on different connections, and 30 test servers scattered across six regions.

  1. WebPageTest:

Like other website valuation tools, WebPageTest is another open-source tool used to measure the site performance. It is quite impressive and if you are looking for a quality free website value tool, then you should for the WebPageTest tool, according to the website designing company in Delhi suggestion. Through WEbPageTest, you can test websites on different browsers, specific formats (mobile or desktop), and locations. It provides the collected data in the table format, which becomes easy to understand for the users.

This tool offers advanced settings where you can run multiple tests, choose connections, repeat views, and even capture the test video. The insights presented by the WebPageTest tool are quite in-depth as well. 

  1. Dotcom-monitor:

It is an effective tool that helps you to get insights and know the state of your website and application. You can conduct tests on various things such as servers, performance, network availability, etc. Dotcom-monitor has some unique features that make it stand out from other performance testing tools.


The website designing company in Delhi concludes this blog with the suggestion that these tools are very effective and helpful for you to monitor, find out bugs, and understand the website performance.

Through these tools, you can deliver a constant great experience for the visitors. Thus, we hope that you have found the right tool for your website.


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