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4 Reasons To Choose IB Schools-TSMS Noida


Given the various curriculum options available these days, choosing the right curriculum best suited for one’s children is a consideration that needs to be well thought out. It is no longer only about the facilities provided by the school but also about the curricula offered and the quality of education or learning environment necessary to effectively implement the curriculum.

Today, along with the well-established national boards ICSE and CBSE, the schools have begun to offer international programmes to provide parents and students options that may best fit their learning and career requirements. The introduction of IB programmes in schools in Noida, has changed the scenario immensely. Parents are increasingly exploring options for international curricula offered today and giving serious consideration to the benefits of opting for IB schools. Owing to the application based teaching methodology, both the number of IB schools and students enrolling in the schools has increased tremendously.

In this blog, we have discussed the top 4 benefits of the IB curriculum offered at schools, as explained below.

1. A globally renowned and recognised curriculum

IB program opens up global opportunities for your kids. Students with the IB qualification have a higher acceptance at colleges abroad as the IB Diploma Programme is one of the most recognised curriculum globally and ensures that students adapt and adjust with ease into the global higher education environment. The IB curriculum also aims at developing international mindedness in students to enable them to engage effectively with global communities and contribute positively as a global citizen.

2. Offers freedom of learning

With the IB programme, students select a wide range of academic subjects and Core areas of study with participation in Creativity, Activity and Service amongst other Core, which combined with an application based methodology develops skills that make the students ready for a constantly evolving future. As part of the IB curriculum, using best suited learning strategies, the students explore and gain depth of knowledge through a range of subjects in their areas of study selected by them on the basis of their interest, aptitude and requirement for higher studies. The agency to choose their fields of study is critical in developing independent and self reliant, life long learners who are curious about learning new things.
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3. Enhances research skills

The teaching and learning methodology that is the foundation of the IB board schools in Noida develops and enhances the research skills of the students. Independent and collaborative research tasks enable the students to not just increase the depth of understanding about the concepts studied but also sharpens their mind, helping them to think critically and be solution oriented. These are skills which are crucial for any student wishing to pursue higher learning and as future leaders.

4. Focused on the overall development of the child

The IB program ensures the overall development of your child. The IB curriculum is a globally benchmarked curriculum that provides academic rigour well balanced with equal focus on providing exposure and learning through varied co-curricular and integrated activities through the Core components of the IB curriculum. Learning through these range of experiences that focus on the intellectual, physical and emotional development and well being, helps students in strengthening their personal and interpersonal skills as well.

Hence, these are some significant benefits of selecting an IB school for your child. The challenging curriculum will not only be beneficial for your child’s present but also ensure a rewarding future. Planning the journey of learning of a child is a critical decision for any parent and to make an informed choice, it is essential to understand and take into consideration the future goals and aspirations, as well as interests and abilities of one’s child and decide on a school that best provides the best fit.

TSMS – The best IB Board school in Noida
The Shriram Millennium School (TSMS) is one of the best IB schools in Noida offering the IB Diploma Programme in Grades XI and XII, as well as the ICSE and ISC curriculum, and the Cambridge Lower Secondary and IGCSE curriculum as part of its bouquet of offerings. With its distinct ethos and culture, the school is committed to nurturing the uniqueness and potential of each child by providing a safe and supportive environment that enables them to learn, grow and develop holistically as global citizens with a strong set of values.
At TSMS, the hands-on teaching methodology and student-teacher connect is unique and provides in-depth understanding of academic concepts that go hand in hand with focus on ensuring that the students apply what they learn in order to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills.
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However, what sets TSMS apart from other schools is its equal focus on academic excellence and co-curricular activities with the state of the art infrastructure that include libraries and learning centres, well equipped labs, sports facilities to train students for basketball, soccer, cricket, badminton and more, as well as a team of well trained and experienced educators.
To know more about the school and for admission related queries, visit their website / reach out to them today!


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