3 Exciting Career Paths in the IT Industry


Few other sectors of business experience as much change and development as the IT industry. In this sector, technological advancement is rapid, and new applications or platforms are being almost constantly rolled out for business and home usage. As processing power continues to increase rapidly, computers and software platforms can do more complex operations faster. The IT sector also mustensure that it stays one step ahead of the malicious acts of cybercriminals. Millions of businesses rely on sophisticated, cloud-based IT infrastructures and IT security professionals must ensure that these systems do not have weak points that could be successfully exploited by hackers. The IT sector offers staff a wide variety of roles and opportunities for career development. In-demand positions (especially those that currently have skills shortages in the market) can offer exceptionally high salaries, making certain fields of work extremely attractive from a financial viewpoint. In this article, three exciting career paths in the IT industry will be explored.

API developer

If you have highly developed coding skills and an interest in cloud-based platforms, then the role of API developer could be ideal for your career in IT. API stands for application programming interface, and it is an online platform that allows different applications and programs to effectively communicate with each other. API developers will typically be required to use a dev portal when testing endpoints in the system and registering new APIs. The work is complex and requires a high degree of IT literacy and coding expertise; however, this advanced knowledge is reflected in the typical salary for an API developer. In the US, the average salary is $120K per year, but this can rise to as much as $150K depending on your level of expertise and experience.

IT helpdesk technician

If you enjoy solving a wide range of IT issues and can clearly explain complex concepts, the role of an IT helpdesk technician may be ideal for you. IT helpdesk technicians typically resolve staff issues with IT software or hardware and the problems can range from simple password resets to more complex troubleshooting of applications and network issues. In this role, you must be confident in talking to a wide range of staff groups and stakeholders, whilst recognizing that levels of IT literacy may vary across the organization. The average salary for this position is around $57K per year but may vary considerably depending on experience and the area of problem-solving that you will specialize in. This role is often a good starting point for less experienced staff who want to get into the IT industry before specializing in other areas.

Cybersecurity specialist

If you have highly developed knowledge and skills relating to IT security, the role of cybersecurity specialist may be ideal. The threat of cybercrime is one of the biggest risks that businesses face, and it is estimated that the average total cost of a successful attack is $4.45 million. No business is ever completely protected from the acts of cyber criminals, but every organization must take steps to minimize the risks that are posed. Cyber security specialists may undertake a wide variety of roles, including troubleshooting networks and online systems to identify potential weak points that could be compromised. Monitoring online systems is a crucial role and the job may also include training other staff members in IT security best practices and maintaining an IT risk register.


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