10 Essential Points to Get Your TSS 482 Visa Successfully


The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa subclass 482 is an Australian employer-sponsored visa issued to skilled overseas workers. This visa enables an Australian company to sponsor workers with relevant qualifications and skills and employ them in positions where local workers are not available. Subclass 482 Visa also provides the holders to apply for permanent residency. So, if you possess high demand skills in the Australian job market and want to settle down in this beautiful country, you may check this blog.

Keep in Mind the Stages of a Visa 482 Application

TSS Visa 482 application involves three stages, each having specific eligibility and requirements. These three stages include:

  1. Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS): At this stage, the employer has to apply for permission to sponsor overseas skilled workers for the visa.
  2. Nomination: A worker receives the nomination for a specific job position.
  3. Visa: At this stage, as an applicant, you will need to show that you meet the necessary visa requirements. 

As per immigration rules, the nominated occupation needs to be genuine and address skill shortages.

Take a Look at the Three Streams

The TSS 482 Visa has three streams – the Short-term Stream, the Medium-term Stream, and the Labour Agreement Stream.

Eligibility criteria are different for the three streams.

  1. If you are nominated for an occupation present on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), you must choose the Short-term Stream.
  2. The Medium-term stream is for workers nominated for an occupation included in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
  3. On the other hand, the Labour Agreement Stream is for workers sponsored by employers having a labour agreement with the Australian Government.

Check Out the General Eligibility Requirements for Your 482 Visa

Irrespective of the visa stream applied, you must meet the following general 482 Visa requirements.

  • An approved Australian employer must nominate and sponsor you for a specific job role.
  • Show that you have worked for a minimum of 2 years in the nominated occupation or something closely related to it. 
  • You should possess the skills and qualifications required in the Australian job market. To prove that, showing a positive skills assessment document is necessary.
  • Onshore application is possible. You must hold a relevant visa at the time of application and should have complied with its conditions. 
  • You must be a temporary entrant to Australia.
  • Because Australia is an English-speaking country, you must know good English.
  • Having adequate health insurance coverage is mandatory.
  • You must fulfil the essential health and character necessities. 

See What Documents Are Required at the SBS Stage

Even though this Visa Subclass 482 application stage is for the employer, you must also know about the documents required at the SBS stage. The employer has to show that their business is legally operating. Documents include:

  • Company registration documents, which include the ABN
  • Financial records, including recent bank statements, profit and loss statements, most recent annual reports, etc.
  • Other essential documents like evidence of staff, tenancy agreements, contracts to offer services and goods, etc.

Have a Look at the 482 Visa Nomination Documents

This stage is also for the employer. The 482 Visa nomination documents include:

  • Organisational chart and employment contract for the candidate to prove the genuineness of the position
  • Documents like financial reports, evidence of new business contracts, and the letter of support issued by an accountant
  • LMT (Labour Market Testing) documents
  • Documents showing position descriptions and advertisements posted for the job role

Check the Documents You Need to Submit

As an applicant, you have to submit several documents at the time of your TSS Visa application.

  • A certified copy of your passport
  • Other ID proofs, like a national id card 
  • Recent passport-size photographs 
  • Name change proof, if applicable
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Relationship documents like marriage or registered relationship certificate
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Documents showing you have worked for at least 2 years.
  • Skills assessment documents.
  • Relevant licences and registrations.
  • English language test results, if you are from a non-English speaking country.
  • Health insurance details.
  • Health examination reports, if applicable.
  • Police clearance certificates issued by every country you have lived in for at least 12 months in the last 10 years after you have turned 16.
  • Dependent applicant documents.

Note that the required English language test score is slightly higher for the Medium-term stream compared to the Short-term Stream.

You Can Have Your Relatives in Your Visa Application

Visa 482 allows applicants to add their family members to the application. 

You can include your partner or spouse and dependent children, considered secondary or dependent applicants. Note that your dependent children must be under 18. Children aged 18 or more can be included in special circumstances.

Remember that you and your dependent applicants must comply with the 482 Visa conditions. 

Processing Time of the 482 Visa

The 482 Visa processing time varies according to the number of applications submitted at a given time and the stream. 

  1. Short-term Stream: 5-14 months
  2. Medium-term Stream: 3-7 months
  3. Labour Agreement Stream: 71 days-6 months

Check What Happens After You Lodge Your Application

If you lodge your Subclass 482 Visa application when you are present in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs will grant you a Bridging Visa A to stay in Australia when the application is under process. Note that you cannot travel abroad on this bridging visa. 

The Department of Home Affairs may also ask you for further information while assessing your application. Make sure you respond to their queries promptly.

Hire a Registered Migration Agent for the Best Outcome

Hiring a registered Perth migration agent will make your application much more effortless and ensure the best visa outcome. Before you hire a migration professional, check their career records.

Keep in mind that if you want to hire someone like this, you have to decide before starting the application. You will also have to submit a completed Form 956.

Final Words

Several top-rated migration firms in Perth have served clients over an extended period and thus can give you the best visa advice in Perth. Also, if you find it challenging to locate a skilled migration professional, you can contact one of these firms. 

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