10 best books to have for your children before they turn 5


For kids under 5, it is really good if parents develop this habit of daily reading. This habit can be adopted when little ones start off early. Best books for kids is good to buy books for your little ones from an early age. Early learning helps the kids to a great extent. This seems to be very helpful in the later years. Once the kids have developed the love for reading then this will last lifelong. In order to develop this habit of reading daily, it is quite necessary to start with the best books for your child.

But choosing the right books for your child is not an easy task. Though this looks simple and easy but actually it is not. Rather it is very time consuming and confusing too. But to make this a little easy task for you. Here, we are with our 10 best books for the little ones under 5:

  1. My First Learning Books for Babies

This series is perfect for babies. The series includes two boxes: My First Learning Books for Babies and My First Library Books for Babies. Each box contains 12 books in it. These are early learning boxes for babies. The kids get to learn the very first topics with these board books. The books are very handy and durable. The topics in the boxes are animals, fruits, birds, vegetables, nature, colours, playtime, my  home, my room, sea animals and more.

  1. Animals and Things that move

Die cut books are really helpful. These books tend to attract little ones towards them because of the die cut shape. The books give little ones the understanding of different shapes. The books are board books that don’t allow the little ones to tear them off. The animal series include bear, penguin, elephant, monkey, dog, lion and the things that move include aircraft, ambulance, bus, car, train, truck and few more.

  1. Padded Early Years Board Book

These are padded books for the little ones. These books are ideal for babies as these books come with padded covers which makes the books durable and long lasting. Padded early years board books do not get torn and can be wiped and cleaned too, if they get dirty. The soft padded covers make the book ideal for young children to learn. These books are illustrated by Jayne Schofield. The books are on the subjects: animals, first words, numbers, colours and shapes.

  1. Jumbo Charts

Charts are an amazing way to let the children learn as visual aids help in memorising in a better manner. As the name says these charts are actually big in size. There are 4 themes of charts and each chart contains four charts based on the particular theme. The different themes are primary charts, early learning charts, stem charts and animal kingdom charts. These charts are ideal for kids aged 2+ years. These charts prepare little ones for school.

  1. Wipe & Clean Workbooks

Wipe & clean workbooks are high in demand. Little ones are very fascinated with these workbooks. These workbooks allow little ones to write and clean as these are reusable. Wipe and clean workbooks allow kids to practice more and more. They get to learn while playing. Working on these workbooks enhances their motor skills too.

  1. 5 Minute Stories

5 minute stories are short stories for the kids. Little ones often have a shorter attention span and they tend to get bored easily. These short stories keep them engaged and they don’t lose interest. Parents could read these stories before bedtime. The stories are really short and crisp. The stories are about fairy tales, bible stories and animal stories.

  1. 365 Stories

365 stories allow the kids to read one story each day of the year. They could read one new story everyday. These books are very engaging and attract little ones a lot. The stories are written in simple language with beautiful illustrations. The parents could read to their children or the little ones could begin reading by themselves. This will develop early reading habits in the kids. 365 Stories include 10 beautiful books: 365 Adventure Stories, 365 Amazing Animals, 365 Animal Tales, 365 Bible Stories, 365 Fairy Tales, 365 Goodnight Stories, 365 Magical Tales, 365 Moral Stories, 365 Princess Tales and Ghost Stories for 365 Days.

  1. Super Jumbo Colouring Books

These are really big sized colouring books for kids. The little ones get ample amount of space for colouring. They could enjoy colouring in these big colouring books. There are four different colouring books: animals and birds, things that move, world around us and magical creatures.

  1. 365 Page Colouring Books

365 page colouring books come with plenty of pages for kids to colour. The kids get to have many pages to colour. Just give them colours and they will get busy hours filling colours in the images given. Little ones find very interesting and engaging colouring. This is something they don’t easily get bored from. No matter how old they are, they will love to colour. There are four different books in this: My Big 365 Page Colouring Book, My Bumper 365 Page Colouring Book, My Jumbo 365 Page Colouring Book and My Super 365 Page Colouring Book.

  1. 100 activities to learn more about

100 activities to learn more about is a series of 8 activity books. These books are good for kids aged 4 and above. The kids get to do more than 100 different activities in these books. The books in this series are on different subjects: animals and birds, human body, maths, nature, plants and trees, science, space and transport.

You may buy any of these books for your little ones. They are sure to love these books and will want more from the Pegasus collection. Pegasus has its two bookstores one in Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden and the other one in DLF Mall of India, Noida. They have their own website too where parents can browse the desired books for their children.


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