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Top 5 Benefits of Iris Recognition to Avoid Scammers


A well-known biometric method is iris recognition which is based on distinctive patterns within the circle region around the eye pupil. But it’s been said that every individual iris is unique which makes it a remarkable form of authentication. In the coming years, iris recognition seems to be more prevalent. Due to this immigration control is expected to widely use this cutting-edge technology as a security measure and an essential response to reduce terrorism globally. 

Iris recognition is a very robust and effective biometric verifier specifically in border control and law enforcement. Not only this, but it also has a high speed amongst huge databases and is highly resistant. Let’s understand why iris recognition is a strong method and extremely reliable to instantly identify users. 

Working behind Iris Recognition Technology 

A sophisticated digital camera smooths the process of iris recognition as it uses both near-infrared light and visibility to capture a high contrast and clear image of the user’s iris. The camera typically concentrates on the eye part and identifies the pupil center, its edge, eyelashes, and eyelids. Afterward, this data is forwarded through advanced software in which unique pattern is analyzed and then translated to the iris template database. Therefore, it’s compatible with contact lenses so it can also be used by blinds. This is an extremely advanced technology that helps firms to restrict imposters. 

Global Usage Of Iris Recognition Systems

Out of the most famous recognition systems is iris as it’s widely considered to be the most secure and accurate technique. This is because the iris is a secured internal organ that is less likely to be damaged by external forces as compared to the individual face and hands. Therefore, it is safely implemented on kids even at four years. 

Top 5 Benefits of Iris Recognition

As the iris is unique to every user so user both eyes are distinctive from each other in their pattern. So, being an authentic way of recognizing an individual, there are several benefits that users can avail from this technology: 

  1. Scalable and Flexible

By using an infrared camera this technology can be used at night or dark so it’s most effective and flexible. That’s the main reason that this tool is being used by higher authorities and the government. 

  1. Instant Matching

Iris recognition is the most effective in matching if the user is already enrolled in the biometric database. So. it lessens the time used by employees even sometimes it reduces the need to hire more staff. 

  1. Accuracy 

Iris recognition has achieved the title of the most effective and accurate form of biometric technology as it performs several functions at one time specifically for different users at the same time. 

  1. Liveness Detection

Liveness detection is leading the industry through its exceptional feature iris recognition. Iris scanner detects user movements that quickly identify the user’s liveness and reduce the risk of accessing sensitive information. 

  1. Contactless

Providing a contactless solution is the primary benefit of iris recognition that helped many firms during a pandemic. This technology became famous during COVID-19 due to its contactless nature. 

Iris Pattern of Afghan Girls that are Unique to Each Other and Aging Resistance

Let’s consider a well-known example to demonstrate that the iris is resistant to age. Remember that Afghan girl with her charming eyes on the cover page of the National Geographic 1985 edition?  After 18 years of taking her photo, journalist Steve Curry again on an aim to search for her. Near the Afghanistan mountains Tora Bora, they found her but needed evidence that she was the same Afghan girl. So, by using Iris Technology they easily found out that the girl was the same and took her photo. That’s why Iris Recognition is unique and technology taking advantage of this uniqueness. 

Final Verdict 

Iris technology is a unique biometric recognition that quickly differentiates identical twins no matter if their DNA is the same. Moreover, the right and left eye of the user are completely different from each other as advanced technology false acceptance rate is low. Therefore, iris technology has no ethnic and gender bias. 

Firms are continuously improving their productivity by using iris technology while verifying user facial imprints. Except for the information on the user’s iris geometry, nothing is important while verifying them. Hence, data such as the shape of the external eye or if the user is wearing a mask or makeup is essential. 


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