Mouse & Keyboard on Switch Fortnite: No Adapter Needed


Fortnite has become a global gaming phenomenon, captivating players across various platforms. While the Nintendo Switch offers a unique and portable gaming experience, some users crave the precision and familiarity of a mouse and keyboard setup. Surprisingly, there is a way to achieve this without the need for additional adapters. In this article, we will explore a step-by-step guide on how to use a mouse and keyboard on Nintendo Switch Fortnite seamlessly.

Step 1: Accessing Developer Options

The first step involves accessing the developer options on your Nintendo Switch. Navigate to the “System Settings” and then select “System.” Scroll down to “Console Information,” where you will find the “System Update” option. Click on it to check for updates, and if available, install the latest system update. This step ensures that your Nintendo Switch is running the most recent firmware.

Mouse & Keyboard on Switch Fortnite: No Adapter Needed

Step 2: Enabling USB Support

Once your Switch is updated, head back to “System Settings” and select “Controller and Sensors.” Here, you will find the “Pro Controller Wired Communication” option. Toggle this setting to enable USB support, allowing your Nintendo Switch to recognize external devices connected via USB.

Step 3: Connecting the Mouse and Keyboard

Connect your USB mouse and keyboard to the Nintendo Switch using a USB hub or a splitter. Ensure that both devices are powered on before connecting them to the Switch. Once connected, the Switch should recognize the mouse and keyboard.

Step 4: In-Game Settings

Launch Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch and access the game settings. Navigate to the “Controller Options” section, where you will find the option to customize keybindings. Assign keys on your keyboard to corresponding functions in the game. Adjust sensitivity settings to match your preference for a seamless transition from the traditional controller setup to mouse and keyboard.

Step 5: Testing and Fine-Tuning

Enter a game and test the responsiveness of your mouse and keyboard setup. Fine-tune the sensitivity and keybindings until you find a configuration that suits your playstyle. Experiment with different settings to achieve optimal precision and comfort during gameplay.

Tips and Considerations:

  1. Ensure that your USB hub or splitter is compatible with the Nintendo Switch.
  2. Some keyboards and mice may require firmware updates for compatibility, so check the manufacturer’s website for any available updates.
  3. Keep in mind that using a mouse and keyboard in Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch may not provide the same level of responsiveness as on a gaming PC.


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