How Cyber Security Training is filling the Gap


Welcome to Toronto Innovation College’s Trainer series. CEO Timmy meets with leading Cyber Security experts Ronny Johnson and Abbie Adams to discuss the urgent need of closing the Cyber Security gap. As they go into the topic, they talk about the future of Cyber Security Training in Canada as well as the importance of leaders developing their soft skills. 

As we have discussed the changing Cyber Security situation in Canada with Timmy, the CEO of Toronto Innovation College, and Cyber Security professionals Abbie Adams and Ronny Johnson. Below is a summary of our main findings:

Present Situation: 

Timmy highlighted how Cyber Security has grown from a purely technology issue to an important business need, highlighting the growing cyberthreats that Canadian people and companies must contend with. Abbie and Ronny showed that in order to deal with changing dangers, early action and constant flexibilities are needed.

Filling the Employment Gap:

We discussed how Canada has a serious shortage in skilled Cyber Security experts. Abbie and Ronny mentioned that in field of Cyber Security it is very important for people to have proper education in order to gain the skills they need.
Timmy recommended the importance of leaders’ roles in promoting development and making investments in their followers. While Ronny discussed the value of developing soft skills in addition to technical expertise, Abbie focused on the importance of teamwork and knowledge exchange.

Future of Cyber Security: 

There is hope for the future of Cyber Security in Canada despite difficulties. Timmy, Abbie, and Ronny highlighted the value of knowledge, creativity, and teamwork in developing a strong cybersecurity workforce prepared to handle threats of the future. 

Encouraging Collaboration and creativity: It has become clear that creativity and collaboration are key factors in Cyber Security Training. Timmy showed the value of exchanging best practices, and Abbie and Ronny focused on the need of talent and ongoing education to keep one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Addressing the Skills Gap:

Abbie and Ronny highlighted the importance of hands-on training and specialized courses that meet a wide variety of Cyber Security proficiency levels. Timmy addressed the importance of educational institutions in developing upcoming industry professionals.

Importance of Soft Skills: 

It was mentioned that flexibility in problem-solving techniques, and effective communication are essential soft skills in Cyber Security. Effective cyber security procedures demand a balance between technical expertise and soft skills, as highlighted by Timmy, Abbie, and Ronny.

Looking Towards the Future: 

Investments in training and education are expected to lead to a successful future in cyber security. Timmy, Abbie, and Ronny pointed out the value of teamwork, creativity, and lifelong learning in establishing a safe and secure digital future.

Job Opportunities and Salary Range:

There are many different job options in cyber security, and salaries are competitive. Timmy, Abbie, and Ronny stressed the growing need for cyber security experts across a variety of industries, as well as the opportunity for professional growth by continued education and certifications.

Growing Importance of Cybersecurity: 

Cyber Security Training is becoming more and more important as society grows increasingly dependent on digital technologies. Timmy, Abbie, and Ronny highlighted the industry’s bright future through ongoing savings and working together, as well as our shared duty for cyber security.


We figured out by highlighting the bright future of cyber security, stressing the value of education and teamwork, and focusing on the need of creating a balance between hard and soft skills. A safer digital future in Canada may be achieved by giving cyber security top priority and making investments in collaboration, education, and training.
Please don’t hesitate to interact with us further or to propose other conversation points. We appreciate your thoughts in this important discussion! Feel free to engage with us further or suggest additional topics for discussion. We value your input in this critical dialogue!


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