7 Smart Tips to Move to a New City during the Monsoon


Move to a new city in the monsoon is a tedious task for all of you. The sudden downpour spoils your moving plans thereby delaying your move. While moving during monsoon season is not advisable, some people have no choice but to schedule their move only during this season.

Although they schedule their move on a sunny day, the weather takes a sudden turn by the evening. There is a potential risk to your sensitive articles when exposed to rain. Most people prefer to hire the best packers and movers from Kolkata to Noida due to this reason. However, even after booking these movers, you need strategic planning from your end to move your goods safely during the rain. If you too are looking for a safe relocation in the rainy season, the following tips will make your move less stressful in the rain:-

Prepare Your New House

Before moving to your new house, it is advisable to prepare your new home for the unloading activity. It is important so that no one gets injured during the unloading process. First, you can put a doormat for the moving professionals which they use to wipe their shoes before making entry to your home. Also, you should manage the old towels to let the movers wipe their hands and faces after the move. Besides, it is also important to use a few cardboard boxes to protect the floor from being slippery. This can save you and your moving officials from any injury due to the slippery surface. Another thing to keep in mind is to turn the heating system of your new home on. This will help you in staying warm on a rainy day. It will also help in reducing the moisture in your house.

Carry Waterproofing Materials with You

Another important thing to remember while Move to a New City during the rainy season is to carry the best waterproofing packing materials during the move. You can use them to wrap your valuable belongings which will then protect them from the rain. However, make sure only to use the best quality waterproof packing materials to pack your household goods. A few quality packing materials that you can use for your belongings include plastic bags, zip-lock bags, bubble wrap, etc.

Choose the Enclosed Trucks

Moving your valuable household goods during the rain is a big challenge as your goods might be exposed to rain during the move. To protect them from unexpected rain, you can opt for enclosed trucks. These trucks are considered the best for you they can save all your house belongings from the rain. They are closed from each corner so your belongings are completely safe in them on a rainy day. Hence, choosing an enclosed truck will be much more beneficial to you rather than choosing an open truck. Renting these trucks will cost you high, but they will provide you with the safest delivery of your items to your new home.

Consider Insuring Your Goods

Your household goods are always at risk when Move to a New City them to a new city during the monsoon. Some of your home items are much more vulnerable to bad weather. These items include your electronic items, furniture pieces, and artwork. So, it is advisable to go for an insurance policy. If you insure your goods, you can claim compensation for any damage to your items on a rainy day. Hence, getting insurance for these goods is extremely important for you. It is easy to insure your home items as you only have to contact your packers and movers in Kolkata to avail these services. However, make sure to take snaps of your valuable goods before the move. This will help you recognize any damages to your goods once the moving officials deliver them to your home.

Think of an Alternate Plan

What if the rain ruins your move or you may encounter other problems during your move? Well, you may have to face many challenges while relocating your goods in the rainy season. Hence, you must think of an alternate moving plan if your moving strategy goes wrong. Well, you never know what problems may crop up during the rainy season. Hence, you should give yourself enough time to think of a plan B so that you may not experience any stress during the move.

Start Your Relocation Early

Starting your move early during the rainy season will be highly beneficial for you. Remember, you will have to face a lot of traffic jams on a rainy day. So to avoid these jams, you will have to start your relocation in the early hours. If you do this, you can reach your destination safely and on time. Also, starting your move early will provide you sufficient time to cope with a problem that you encounter during your move. So, always start your move early to get a stress-free intercity move.

Keep Essentials with You

Another tip to move safely during the rain is to carry the essential items on a rainy day. Carrying them will help you shift to your desired relocation without any stress.  A few essential things that you will have to keep with you include an umbrella, non-slippery footwear, etc. If you use these things while shifting in the rain, you may not fall ill during the move. Also, you will save yourself from any injury due to slippery ground. It is best to prepare a bag to keep these essentials. This will protect these items during the rain. Moreover, you can take them out of the bag whenever you need them.


Now you are completely aware of the best tips that can help you move stress-free in the rain. The above-mentioned tips are easy to follow by anyone. These tips will be much more helpful for you when you are planning to move to a new city in the rainy season without any stress. Hence, make sure to book the packers and movers from Kolkata to Noida when you are planning to relocate your house belongings in the rain.


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