Why Aims and Objectives are Necessary for Masters Dissertation?


You might think that aims and objectives are only necessary for dissertations, but they are applicable to every research study. Aims and objectives in your dissertation define the goal of your research and help you to achieve it. In this article, we will explain what dissertation aims, and objectives are, why they are necessary for your study, and how to write them properly.

What Dissertation Aims and Objectives are?

Aims and Objectives

Aims and objectives are an essential part of a dissertation. They are a part of your introduction, which is the first section of your dissertation. They describe your purpose in writing the dissertation and what it will contribute to knowledge.

The aim of the dissertation is to explain how you intend to reach your objective(s), how you will do this and what methods you will use. The aim and objectives should be clear and precise. They should also be easily understandable by anyone who reads them.

Aims and objectives are best written using the following three sentences:

  1. What I am going to do: Describe clearly what you intend to achieve or investigate through your research project. For example, “I intend to investigate how the media influences our perceptions about immigration”
  2. How I am going to do this: Explain how you intend to reach your goal above. For example, “By using interviews with members of society from different backgrounds”
  3. What methods I shall use: Give details about how you will achieve what you set out above? For example, “By conducting interviews with members of society from different backgrounds”

Why Aims and Objectives are Necessary for Masters Dissertation?

Aims and objectives are necessary for dissertations because they give a clear idea about the study to the reader. They also help in making the study more effective. It is important to know why you are doing something before you do it and what you want to achieve by doing this task.

Aims & objectives are helpful in guiding the research and writing process because they will tell you what needs to be done, how long it should take, who needs to be included, etc. They help in making a clear plan of action and provide direction to your research. They are also helpful in making sure that your study is relevant and useful.

To Explain the Problem Better.

When you are writing your dissertation, the first thing to do is to explain the problem. This can be done by stating what it is and why it is important. You should also explain how this problem has been addressed in the past, and if there are any solutions that have been suggested for solving it.

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To Show the Significance and Importance of Your Study.

One of the most important reasons why you need to write your aims and objectives is to show the significance and importance of your study. This is often a crucial factor in determining whether your study will be approved by your supervisor and your ethics committee. If you are writing a Masters dissertation, then this section is of utmost importance. You want to clearly highlight why the research question needs to be answered now, rather than later.

In this context, you should try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of my thesis?
  • Why should anyone care about it (Rationale)?

To Guide Your Research and Writing.

Your dissertation aims and objectives will help you to focus your research. They can also be used to help you write the introduction, methodology, results and conclusion. The introduction will be easier to write if you know what your research aims, and objectives are. You can use them as a guide when writing the discussion and conclusion chapter, while they will also help you to focus on what is important in your research.

They should not be long or formal, but they should be precise and clear so that other people know what you are trying to achieve with your dissertation.

To Provide Clear Focus to the Readers.

To provide a clear focus to your readers. It is very important to make your research aim as specific and concise as possible. This will help the reader understand its importance and relevance to the problem you are dealing with in your dissertation research.

If they know what they should be looking out for, it will be easier for them to understand your dissertation better. Moreover, if you are able to convey this clearly using an effective structure and language, then you can avoid any confusion or misunderstanding regarding the topic of your dissertation research paper.

To Evaluate and Judge the Success of Your Study.

Aims and objectives help you to evaluate and judge the success of your study. They help you to see if your research is a success or failure. For example, if your aim is to investigate the effect of alcohol on driving ability, then it will be easy for you to evaluate whether the study has been a success or not by looking at whether there was an increase in accidents involving drunk drivers.

With your aims and objectives, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your study?
  • What are the aims and objectives of your study?
  • What are the methods and procedures used in your study?

Helps to make your study more effective

It is important that your aims and objectives are written properly, as they will help you to make your study more effective. This can be done by ensuring that they are clear, concise and specific. The aims and objectives should also be measurable. The aim of a study is the reason why you have chosen to do it, while the objective is the specific thing that you want to achieve from carrying out this work.

Aiming for an unrealistic goal will not help you achieve success with your dissertation or Masters project, so try not to make any statements that cannot be measured in some way (such as “I want my dissertation/project to be successful”). Aiming too high may mean that your aim becomes unachievable before even beginning!


I hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of writing aims and objectives for your study. They should be specific, measurable, and achievable. If you don’t know how to write aims and objectives for a study, ask someone who does – your supervisor or course leader will be able to help you or seek help from online experts.


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