Wonderful Tips to Score 9 in IELTS Reading


A 9-band score in IELTS reading seems to be an impossible challenge, right? Well, it is not at all a strenuous task as you can easily achieve a good band score in reading if you are determined, have good reading skills and have great comprehension and observation ability. Moreover, the right strategy to prepare for the reading section can help you achieve a good band score in IELTS reading. 

What is that strategy that can help you? Is it something unique? Is this strategy hard to follow? Take a deep breath and read this article till the end. We have mentioned some great tips that will keep you on the right track and help you get completely ready to deal with this most arduous section of the IELTS exam. However, if you want personal training from an expert to polish your reading skills, you can look for the top IELTS coaching platform on Search India

Here are the miraculous tips to score 9 in the IELTS reading section: 

Make a habit of reading 

Many candidates have a slow reading pace which makes it difficult for them to complete the three passages within 40 minutes. Don’t worry if you also have a slow reading speed. You can easily develop your reading speed by making a habit to read English content every day.  So,  make sure to read English newspapers, novels, books and journals regularly by setting a timer. It is even better to try reading Passages from the past years’ question papers. Note the time in which you complete a paragraph. When you do it like this on a daily basis, you will see an enhancement in your reading speed. It will build up your reading stamina and help you read the whole reading passage in less time frame. 

Read the question first 

If you start reading the passage first before having a look at the questions, it will consume a lot of time to solve a single passage. So, make sure to read the questions before moving on to the passage. Otherwise, you need to read the passage many times to look for the exact answer. On the contrary, if you read the questions first and remember the keywords, you can easily figure out the answer in the passage and you don’t need to read the passage again. Doing so will not only save your time but will also save your efforts and energy. Furthermore, it will make you able to solve all the questions within a given time frame. 

Understand the question 

As there are a number of traps in the reading section, it becomes crucial to have a proper understanding of the question. So, make sure to read the question carefully to understand what the question actually demands. If you grasp the question properly, it will save you from traps and help you give the correct answers. This way, a proper understanding of the question can help you hit a target band score in IELTS reading. 

Skim and scan 

Do you try to understand the entire passage before figuring out the questions? If yes, then get ready to ruin your results. Your purpose here should not be to grasp the whole passage but just to look out for the correct answer. So, practice skimming and scanning techniques to watch out for the distractors and find out the correct answer. By skimming, we mean to read fast to get a general idea of the passage. Well, by scanning, we mean to read the passage fast to find and highlight the specific facts. This is how you can attempt all the questions accurately and timely and boost your IELTS reading scores by using these two proven methodologies. 

Widen your vocabulary 

If you have a poor range of vocabulary, you may miss a number of questions even if those are in front of your eyes. For instance, if the question is, ‘______ was the difficult moment of their life’ and the answer is written in the paragraph as ‘the arduous occasion in their life was trekking the mountain’. Now, if you don’t have a good vocabulary range, you might not know that the synonym for difficult is arduous and that for a moment is occasion. Even though your eyes move toward this sentence, you might miss the answer. So, make sure to improve your vocabulary to score well in the IELTS exam. If you are looking for a trainer that can help you broaden your vocabulary, you can look for the best IELTS institute in Jalandhar on Search India. 

Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, these are the simple and easy tricks to achieve a good band score in the IELTS exam. If you are achieving 6 in IELTS reading mock tests, for sure, these tips will boost your score to 9. 


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