Why Do I Need to Stop Smoking? IVG bar


Smoking has been prevalent for centuries. Since smoking started being consumed by the masses, the practice of getting rid of it also began. As smoking causes irreversible and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, lung diseases, and diabetes, millions of people aim to quit it but not IVG bar disposable.  Every year around million people in the UK die from smoking.

Many people strive to quit smoking, but very few succeed in it. There are alot of reasons why people smoke; the most common is nicotine addiction. If you’re a smoke addict, it would be difficult to abandon smoking instantly. Obviously, once you decide to quit smoking, it won’t happen that instant. So it is usually a process, so if you are a chain smoker, you should use vapes (including both IVG bar disposable vape kits and reusable ones) to help you quit.

Smoking Alternatives:

Several substitutes for smoking include nicotine gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, and inhalers. However, if you’re a chain smoker who wants to quit smoking, then the best alternative would be one that suits you. As a matter of fact, vapes are introduced into the market as the best alternative to cigarettes.

Since vapes have elements that satisfy nicotine cravings, they are used as the best alternative to cigarettes. There are alot of other reasons vapes are suitable, such as they provide a choice for selecting nicotine levels and flavours and are cost-effective. Among these vaping reasons, the most effective is that disposable vapes like crystal bar are safer than cigarettes. To understand how vapes are better than cigarettes, let’s compare smoking with vaping and see which one is safer.

Cigarettes Vs Vapes:

One of the most prominent reasons vapes are different from cigarettes is that they use various forms of the substance. The nic-salt used in disposable vapes is present in liquid form in the e-liquid, while cigarettes use solid nicotine. The nicotine found in cigarettes is not just in pure form but also carries many other chemicals that are extremely dangerous for health.

Cigarettes involve the combustion of tobacco. When a cigarette is lit, it burns the compound, which leads to the formation of toxic chemicals. The compounds produced due to smoking include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, and ammonia. All of these are detrimental to health and cause the aforementioned diseases. In contrast, as vapes usually don’t contain tobacco and involve burning, they don’t produce any of these chemicals.  That’s why vaping is safer to do than smoking. Notably, disposable vape such as elux mini.

Smoking kills:

Whether you smoke or don’t, you must have heard the slogan that smoking kills. Yes, that’s true. Millions of people die due to heavy smoking. Heavy smoking refers to smoking excessively. An average smoke eight to twelve cigarettes a day; the ones who exceed the number of cigarettes are the ones doing excessive smoking. Whether smoking less number of cigarettes or high, it’s devasting for health both ways.

There are factors that completely support smoking kills, including smoking is injurious to health. This is why because cigarettes contain tobacco and noxious elements, which are mentioned in detail above. Anyways, if you’re a smoker, you should definitely switch from smoking to vaping. This will not only satisfy your nicotine addiction in a better way but also provide you with a better experience in terms of taste and cost. If you’re a new vaper who recently switched from smoking to vaping, disposable vapes are recommended.


There are a thousand reasons why you should avoid smoking. The most significant ones are discussed in this blog. One of the top reasons includes, that cigarettes are harmful to health. Also, cigarettes contain toxic compounds which are absent in vapes, and it is better to vape than smoke.

So if you’re a smoker looking for alternatives to cigarettes or want to quit smoking, you may consider vapes. You can read through the points mentioned above to know why we should use vapes instead of cigarettes.


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