Why did I choose botox?


botox first noticed the appearance of wrinkles on my face at the age of thirty-six, followed by the gradual development of smile lines around my lips and beneath my eyes! Therefore, I avoided looking in the mirror too long, fearing I would discover new lines or wrinkles and dwell on them.

I have always trusted Novomed as my number one health care provider, and this time was no different. I used the online booking form to fill in my information and schedule a consultation with a dermatologist. I received a call from Novomed’s team shortly after to confirm my appointment.

Once I met my doctor, he suggested a number of treatments, including Bohttps://hufftime.com/\tox injections. These injections did not intimidate me in the slightest! I’ve always heard about the efficacy of Botox as a treatment for many medical and cosmetic purposes. The doctor also mentioned that Botox is one of the most effective aesthetic treatments to tighten the skin and conceal its imperfections nowadays. Thus, I was more encouraged to try it out for myself and have younger-looking skin.

My dermatologist went on to explain the appropriate injection sites for my case, how painful it might be, and the aftercare recommendations for the best recovery. He also took the time to answer all my questions and clarify anything I did not understand.

The woe procedure was finished in about fifteen minutes or less. I felt the needle puncture my face eight to ten times, but it was relatively painless. The injecting sensation was similar to a mosquito bite, which fades away in a matter of seconds.

The doctor made sure to target the wrinkles and lines that developed around my eyes and lips. I was able to return to work immediately following my lunch break, as I didn’t experience any bruising, and my skin was free of redness or irritation.

Obviously, I wanted quick and immediate results, but the doctor informed me that Botox requires seven to ten days to fully penetrate the skin’s layers and eliminate wrinkles, which is very accurate! After approximately a week, my skin appeared ten years younger! Many people around me asked about my skincare routine and what I did for that fresh glow. I would like to recommend Novomed for those looking to do botox in Dubai.


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